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Healthy Lunch Ideas!!!

Hello lovelies, Hope you all are doing terrific!!! I was inspired by my girlfriend to write this post. She prepared very delicious pancakes,I tasted it, it was awesome!!! She added cheese and ham to it. She also taught me how to prepare pancaks.

How do you prepare a delicious pancake?  you set a hot pan on the as cooker, add a little oil to the pan and then add the mixed flour in the pan, set the heat very low. After 3 minutes, you have made your self a very delicious pancake. You may add cheese, fish or ham to it.

My other healthy lunch ideas are:

  1. Salad  wth fish, chicken  or beef. Lidl, Emte or albert heign has very affordable packed sald mixed and weel packaged
  2. Fruit salad, you may combine, apple, per, orange, strawberries and add a little honey to it. its so delicious. You may want to eat your fruit salad with yoghurt or a hot cup of thee.
  3. Chicken. I love chicken, KFC and mcdonald chicken nuggets are my favourites. I also love baking chicken at home. I usually add nando’s hot chicken peri-peri source
  4. Preparing smoothie home is a great way to stay healthy. You may want add fresh fruits and vegetables to your smootie.

Avoid too much fatty food, practise meal preping. Please see more pictures of healthy food idea here i specially selected.

I hope you are inspired.

I love you.


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