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Hello lovelies, these are some things you need to change your life!
You need to be inspired by what you see, feel and here. Look around you, search deep down and ask yourself, what my passion is. If you are able to answer that question sincerely, work towards it. Never work on the dark side of life. You do make mistakes, learn from it and move on. Do not let your mistakes weigh you down but rather use it as an opportunity to learn some lessons.
‘Creating mood boards, searching the internet, and looking up to others is a great way to give yourself focus and inspiration for what changes you actually want to see in your life. For me I like to create inspiration boards in lots of areas but specifically Relationships, Body & Business. My advice, determine your key life areas and get that inspiration up. You can use social media tools such as Pinterest to create mood board for inspiration.
Its great t be inspired. I gain a lot of inspirations from taking a long walk in the city or in the park, reading magazines, surfing the internet and social media. Do not be carried away by what you see on virtual life because some of what you see is not real. You might want to listen to some great inspirational speakers as well such as Bob Proctor.
Confidence is very important in life, Just ike the bible says, ask and ye shall be given, seek en ye shall find, knock and it shall be open. Try to find the confidence to chase your dream. Alhough, confidence does not just happen, it requires lots of self-discipline and it depends on your state of mind.
Being in shape also helps to boost your confidence. Try to wear the proper cloths, practise good hygiene, eat well and catch some sound sleep.

I hope these tips inspires you!
I love you so much!
Ekene Patience

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Happiness is a choice not a result. Surround yourself with people who makes you happy and makes you feel special! You are worth it!

Happiness is not a simple goal, but is progress as result of striving, seeking, finding and keeping self-actualizing work and fun, even when it’s as elusive as ever. Finding satisfaction in what you do will enhance your state of mind and make you happy. It does not matter what your profession is, a teacher, a cleaner, beautician. Stay positive and feel fulfilled. Some studies has proven that owning a lot of possession does not make one happier.

These are few tips that will help you become happier.

  • Surround yourself with positive people and seek God to help you become happier
  • Stay positive
  • Listen to great music
  • Exercise often
  • Take a long walk
  • Eat healthy
  • Sleep on time
  • Share your happiness
  • Donate to the poor!
  • Motivate others
  • Be optimistic
  • See failures as opportunities

I hope these few tips were helpful!

I love you so so much!


Ekene Patience