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August 2015


Glamour Shoot In Zeeland, The Netherlands!

Last week Friday I took an adventure with a photographer who came from Belgium to my home in The Netherlands to shoot me. We went to a nearby village in Zeeland, the name of the village is too complex to pronounce. So we made these fabulous shoot. I am wearing a beautiful gown I converted into a skirt in this picture! I make a lot of photos, so it is essential to be creative with my clothing in other to be able to crate different style and look each time am having a photo session!

I am wearing a dress from Nelly, Accessories from  ad high heels I bought few years ago!

The shoot went really nice, although it was for one hour only!

My photo session usually last two to three hours!

I hope these pictures and poses inspires you!

Stay beautiful!


Ekene Patience



Patience Ekene

Patience Ekene


My Favourite Bikinis!

Hi Lovelies, In my Previous post, I shared with you some pictures and a video of my favourite bikini.  Here are some more photos of the bikini I am loving this year 2015. I love styling my bikinis, with African head gear and lots of accessories, The first photos was made in an awesome studio in the Amserdam, The Netherlands. The second outfit, I did the photoshoot at my home in Zeeland in the Netherland. I am a Make-Up artist , Model and beauty consultant in The Netherlands.! I truelly love modelling because am able to be creative and make cool pictures. Please contact me if you need a makeup or you need a very pretty makeup(my services)

Thanks for reading!.

I love you!


Ekene Patience

Accessories- www.watchstar.nl1511987_800399613409071_6559103481734343300_o



                                 Bikini- V&D in the Netherlands


         Accessories –www.watchstar.nl11402472_800399673409065_2699394076082765451_o









Hello my amazing friends, Thank you for watching! This is my favourite bikini lookbook.

The first outfit – Top from Designual, Bikini pants from

The Second Lingerie- I bought from Spain during my recent trip. The accessories I usually purchase them online usually from De Bijenkorf, V&D and Nelly. I also buy my makeup from Parfum Star in Rotterdam, Kruidvat and other beauty shops in The Netherlands.

I am a certified Make-Up artist and a photo model in The Netherlands.

Please contact me if you need my services. I also do Manicure and Pedicure.

For my Make-Up, I am wearing combination of Blue, green and Black eye shadow from Lorac. I really love the high pigments on Lorac beauty products such as Eye shadow. You can purchase Lorac beauty products from Amazon.

Lipstick- I used Rituals and Mac red lipstick and red lipliner from Mac.

The first Nude heels from from Just Fab

The second brown shoes is from Van Haren in The Netherlands.For my hair, I am wearing 18 inches Brazilian hair. I bought my Blue contact lenses from me gorgeous in The Netherlands.

Other products I use for my Makeup is from Mac, YSL and L’Oreal.

My accessories is from-

                                                                                                       Thank you so much for watching.


                                                                                                                           Ekene Patience












My Favourite Green Dress

Hi loves! Here are some lovely pictures of me wearing my favourite green dress. The shoot as made at my home in The Netherlands! This photos was made to promote green energy! If the whole world starts using green energy, the rate of of pollution would decrease tremendously! we will all live in better healthier environment.

I hope these pictures inspires you too!


Ekene Patience
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Makeup and styling done by me.






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My Photos

Hello lovelies! I have been a photo model for more than ten years and yet, its still my favourite hobby and passion! I love modelling because its the best way I can express my self. Since I was little , I have been a very quite person.I have done four beauty pageants and won twice . I have done shoots with more than 300 photographers in europe! Modelling enables me to be more creative and provides the opportunity to work with very talented photographers. I have done photo shoot in Europe and Africa in countries such as Nigeria, Spain, Italy , Belgium, Germany and France. My photos has been used for websites, exhibition, posters, books, stock photos, magazines. I hope these pictures inspires you!

Stay beautiful!


Ekene Patience






11392806_798693000246399_7624523314746120957_n 11390338_790394041076295_1510686594882402523_n







2014_07_30; Diana (01) Zeeland (37)


2014_07_30; Diana (12) Zeeland (79)a 905886_692911854157848_3584300399398575102_o 1010390_533087743473594_711071222_n - Copy




1534716_712362085492940_8875705629476589854_o (1)


1557165_522353697880332_1894537305_o 1653520_544105272371841_1576750165_n


10273130_712362125492936_2446502057963025833_o (1)







With Love From Africa


Hello lovelies, these are some of my pictures wearing African head gear . I love wearing african head gear because it makes my look more fabulous and stylish . In Nigeria, a lot of women wear it to compliment their attire. It is also a trend among European women as well. Gele is a fashion statement. I also made a tutorial on YouTube to show you how to tie Gele. I hope this looks inspires you.

EKene Patience













906003_806553519460347_438838877883619484_o   11148390_806553546127011_7910910003583095335_o  10633495_806553529460346_3867637751781200640_o






Falling down is how we grow! Staying down is how we die! Brian Vasily.

It weekend today, I have been busy for the past two hours creating these amazing shoot with a very professional photographer from Belgium who came to my home to shoot me. I have been modelling for more than 13 ears, and love love creating images. Every image is unique and has a great element to it. I wore three outfits during my shoot. My tips for you as an upcoming model is to make sure you have your hair and makeup well done and be prepared before a shoot. Make sure you have all your dresses, outfit , shoes ready too. The photographer gave me great compliment today about how groomed my skin is, well thanks to the beauty school I went in The Netherlands where I earned my diplomas in skin care, Make-Up cosmetics and Perfume. I am glad I have done the training because now, I can happily don my makeup during my photo session and have a clean skin which is appealing to the camera.

Thanks for reading! I hope these lovely pictures inspires you!

Thanks Bob for the amazing pictures!


Ekene Patience