Signed Contact

Dear Sir/Madam,


To Whom It May Concern


My name is Ekene Patience Nesiagho

I am a photo model, an amateur actress, a web developer and a consultant.


This is an official formal letter.


This letter is for the management/manager or brand owner for all the good and services and brands enlisted on my entire websites.


This is a letter to ascertain that you have read the virtual contract, terms and conditions, you have approved my gig, in a nutshell,

You have accepted to work with me.


Upon receipt of this letter, or after reading this letter


You have accepted to work with me and has been officially signed.


See terms and conditions on my proposal here


Thank you so much for your cooperation!


Kind regards,


Ekene Patience Nesiagho


22nd November 2023



if you are not happy with my Fiverr gig, do reply or respond four weeks latest upon receiving my email, Instagram message, LinkedIn message, whatsapp message.


If you do ask me to delete the Fiverr gig before four weeks of receiving this contract, proposal, permission letter, I shall delete it.

After four weeks, with no response. The Fiverr gig is considered APPROVED!



Do contact me if you do have further enquiries

Email –

Whatsapp – +31683059224




Hi there, I am on fiverr. Please find my fiverr gigs – Here

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