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Creating Fabulous Pictures and Awesome Video!

Hello Muffins! If you are new to my blog, you are most highly welcome! My name is Ekene and I have been a photo model and a beauty consultant in Europe and Africa for several years.

Today, I decided to share with you my knowledge on making fabulous pictures and videos. Incase you are a photo model, or just need a nice picture for your social media account such as Facebook, Twitter etc, you may need to contact a professional photographer. You can find someone whom is willing to make nice fun pictures of you or your family members for free online. If you do enjoy making movies like me (see below) i recommend great lighting, good audio, nice location and do try to look your best. You may want to use great apps on your iPhone for your photos such as Lipix, after light, photo collage,photo editor to work on your pictures.

Portret professional, photoshop and light rooms are also awesome for editing pictures.

I hope these tips inspires you!

I love you so so much.


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Throw Back Pictures – Cool Shoots In Rotterdam!

Rotterdam is the coolest city ever! I really enjoyed myself few years ago when I lived there! I live now in zeeland, which I like very much, but i do miss the city vibes Rotterdam possess.

I hope these pictures inspires you. It was taken more than 5 years ago!

I love you so so much pumpkins.

Friends, where is your favourite city in Europe? I do love to hear from you..


Ekene Patience

p.s I also made a video to share with you my experience living in The Netherlands. Enjoy. xo

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Holidays in Spain!

I and my amazing family had an awesome holidays in Mallorca Spain! Spain is a great place to live, visit, have fun. The food there is perfect! We were at the beach alot! The night life and hotels there is superb! You can book for holidays at Sunweb in The Netherlands. Klm also has fare rates for your trips without delays and stress!

I wore several styles outfits during my family vacation in Spain. If you ask anyone what style means to them, chances are the majority are going to have some variation of this answer: Style is expression. From the shoes on your feet to the jewels around your neck, fashion gives us a chance to explore different ways to express ourselves. I’ve always seen style as confidence-building; as an adolescent and a young adult I always had reservations about how to dress myself and what I could and couldn’t experiment with. But I’ve become so comfortable with the idea of testing out different styles that I may not normally have thought were “me,”
I hope these looks inspires you!
je tem!

I highly recommend spain for your next holiday destination!

p.s. I created a vlog in The Netherlands recently, Please find the video beow!


DSC06182 DSC06201 DSC06203 DSC06212 DSC06215 DSC06293 DSC06301

DSC06167 DSC06209 DSC06300 DSC06453 DSC06472 DSC06480


3 Stylish Party LookBook!

Hello my angels, I hope you are doing great. I decided to create this tutorial to inspire you on how you can dress up for a party or date night night with your loved ones! I hope these date night outfits inspires. You can get some awesome outfits from Wehkampcin The Netherlands,Urban Outfitters, Asos, Newlook,De Bijenkorf, Primark and many more.

Please find more of my stylish look- Here

I love you so much, thank you for stopping by! xoxo





DSC02803 - kopie





Handbag – Guess

Makeup- Mac,Lorac,Dior, Sleek





Casual LookBook And Makeup Tutorial

Hey loves, my piece of advice to you today is just be your self, because the minute you be yourself you become more fabulous! Do not let anyone change your personality, uniqueness, talent just because they want you to be like them. If you are yourself, you are more fantastic, more lovable.

My second advice is never to judge a book by its cover! I love making lovely pictures in several attires, it does not mean I am not focused, intelligent nor dumb. I am very representative at all niveau! Making pictures and video is my own hobby and also how I love to express myself. Inspring youth my creativity gives me inner joy!.

Here is a video and some photos to inspire you on how you can dress casually. Please share with me how you style your self up and look more fabulous. I do love to hear from you

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Thanks for stopping by.

I love you.






















Manicure, Pedicure and Make-up Done By Me

I am so thankful to all the ladies and gentlemen I have had the ample opportunity to work with in The Netherlands. I do manicure, Pedicure and makeup. I have been a beauty consultant and a photo model in The Netherlands for many years. I am also grateful to all the amazing photographers I have worked it. I hope these pictures inspires you.

I am also a you tuber!!! I create makeup, styling and fashion video to help inspires you and make you my amazing friends look and feel more fabulous! see below my recent video

If you need someone for your manicure, pedicure, makeup, please contact me.

I love you so much.

more photos here  










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How To Be Happy and Positive + Dance – Dealing With Depression and Anxiety!

Hello loves! so recently I posted a video to inspire you on how to be happier, stay positive and optimistic.

I hope you are inspired!

I wish you all a fabulous weekend!

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I love you.


More stylish look and inspration – Here

Hello my Lovelies! Here are some pictures and video tutorial I made for you to inspire you! I am wearing my current favourite dresses and I also made a list of 7 things I am loving at the moment.  1. Waking up at 6 am. I’ve become such an early bird (in e


Hello my Lovelies! Here are some pictures and video tutorial I made for you to inspire you! I am wearing my current favourite dresses and I also made a list of 7 things I am loving at the moment.  1. Waking up at 6 am. I’ve become such an early bird (in e


Summer fun!

Have a nice evening friends #Model #Holland #Zeelnd #Beauty #Visco #Summer #Ootd #Style #Fashion #Pretty



Makeup and Styling done by Me

Hello my beautiful friends! i hope you all are having an amazing week! I just wanted to share with you some of my current favourite photos. I did my makeup and styling during these photo sessions. I also would like to use this medium to say a big thank you to all the amazing photographers and models i have worked it.

I recently created a video to share with you my daily morning routine year 2017, see link below. Please like, comment, and subscribe!

I hope you are inspired!

I love you



Ekene Patience



Beauty shoot was so much fun #Blackdress #Zeeland #Afro #Model #Loreal #Pretty #Urbandecay #Lorac #MK  I do Makeup, Manicure and Pedicure see mor:  Xoxoxo  Ekene Patience

Happiness is a choice not a result. Surround yourself with people who makes you happy and makes you feel special! You are worth it! Happiness is not a simple goal, but is progress as result of striving, seeking, finding and keeping self-actualizing work a

I woke up like this

Happy mothers day! xoxo Ekene Patience


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