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Hello! I am Ekene Patience, I am an online marketing specialistblogger, and a web designer! I have 5+ years of experience in social media management, webshop building, blogging, web design, webshop design, logo design, and pretty much anything related to online marketing.


What I do

  1. Content marketing
  2. Social media
  3. Email marketing
  4. blogging
  5. Webdesign
  6. Digital marketing coaching
  7. Building webshops
  8. Short story writing
  9. Photo Modelling




Hi guys! I am currently working on my new website www.blacknoir.org do contact me if you wish to have your goods and services enlisted on it



Dutch Website Designer

  1. Misterdot
  2. Agency 6 Breda
  3. Rogier van Rhoon Rotterdam
  4. Luv Design
  5. Rickid wedesigns Amsterdam
  6. Webit Design Antwerpen


Website and Webshop Design Platforms

  1. WordPress

  2. Shopify

  3. Square Space


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  29. patienceekene.wordpress.com





Blacknoir.me is my first affiliate marketing website.

Ekenepatience.org is my second affiliate marketing website.





myfabulousbeauties.com is my third affiliate marketing website.

fabulousbeautiesfood.com is my fourth affiliate marketing website.





ekenepatiencemakeupblog.wordpress.com is my fifth affiliate marketing website.

ekenepatienceautomobilescom.wordpress.com is my sixth affiliate marketing website.






Model ekene patience is my seventh affiliate marketing website

Short stories by ekene  is my eight-affiliate marketing site.







webdesign coach blog is my ninth affiliate marketing site

newyorkcityconsultancywithekenepatienceblog is my tenth affiliate marketing site






ekene patience drinks is my eleventh affiliate marketing site

sme coach is my twelfth affiliate marketing site.






Great Multinationals is my thirteenth affiliate marketing site

ekenepatienceme is my fourteenth affiliate marketing site






blacknoirorg is my fifteenth affiliate marketing site.

myfabulousbeautiesdotorg is my sixteenth affiliate marketing site.




hairdobyekenepatience  is my seventeenth affiliate marketing site.

American Musicians is my eighteenth affiliate maerting site.





Hello everyone!

Please find more detailed information on this page on My Fabulous Beauties

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My Tiktok videos – Basic English language and dutch lesson – Here

Do contact me if you do need a basic website. I do charge 10 to 50 euros every month


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Facebook – Here

Instagram – Here

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Tiktok – Here

Blacknoir.me – Here

myfabulousbeauties.com – Here

Facebook – Here

Instagram – Here

Youtube – Here

Tiktok – Here

Blacknoir.me – Here

myfabulousbeauties.com – Here

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I am on fiverr


I do fiverr gig.

The price of enlisting each company on this website is 30 euros every month (thirty euros)

Thank you.


Please do read more about my fiverr gigs here.



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My aim of building this website is to help men and women to achieve a more fabulous lifestyle.

p s

Terms and conditions and virtual contract of all the goods and services mentioned on my website blacknoir.me,




and more remains the same.

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