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Holidays in Spain LookBook

Few months ago, the weather was amazing in Europe, especially in Spain. I went with my family and it was amazing. The sea was blue and the weather was amazing in the beautiful city of Mallorca. I really enjoyed the meals too. I know it can get a bit boring to wear good sweater , winter coat and jeans everyday single day for months during  this winter months, so I decided to share with you some of my favorite summer looks to brighten up your winter days.
Let me know which one of the looks is your favorite and also I’d love to hear about your favorite ways of styling during your holidays

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Ekene Patience



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Change your Look Change Your Life!







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Hellooo my beautiful friends! Today I decided to share with you the reason why looking your best is essential. By making your Hair Style, Makeup and Outfit styling, makes you feel better, your mood is better and your confidence level would be increased. It is so important for men and women to take good care of themselves. Personal grooming includes wearing neat cloths, stylish clean hair cut, Manicure and Pedicure.

I am a beauty consultant in The Netherlands and I can assure you looking good is good business. If I was looking unkept, you would not like to watch this movie or my photos, you would click it way. People judge you based on your appearance. Whether we like it or not.

If you change your look, you will change your life. Image or your appearance can make a huge impact in your life.  I usually look at my older pictures and comparing with my recent pictures to analyse what have changed, I have noticed that now I dress better, wear better makeup, and chose the right accessories. It is very important to pay attention to your appearance.

You have to make more time to look nice. We all do not have time, but we create time.

Understanding why you should dress up every day is essential and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Even if you have kids, and do not have sufficient time, you can make time.  Use more time for yourself instead of spending more time on Instagram, Facebook admiring other people’s photos. Putting a little makeup using little concealer, lip-gloss is so important. When people look at you, they look at your hair, nails, and outfit.

It is fine to accept yourself the way you are, but it is important to add extra effort in dressing up.For your hair, you can just blow dry it, add a little serum and make it look nicer.

You do not have to wear expensive clothes or makeup to look great, you can wear affordable makeup from drugstore such as Kruidvat, Iciparis, and Douglas. Cloths from V&D, De Bijenkorf, We, Nelly, Asos are great shops to shop.

Let’s not forget food. Good healthy balance is great. Working hard is also a must!

You can watch some YouTube videos to get  you inspired on how to dress properly and do better makeup. It will help you a lot!

I hope these tips inspires you!

I love you so so much


Ekene Patience

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The Bodyshop Skin Care Line



Helllllo hello! Happy Wednesday!! Few days ago I filmed The Body shop favourites 🙂 I never did a video like this before! I really enjoyed sharing some of my favourite things besides makeup. There is a huge part of me you rarely see in my makeup videos. (Obviously) So it was fun getting to talk about some other stuff! If you guys want me to do another cosmetic video and talk more about the Cosmetic products I love, let me know!! I love all of this stuff, and it really is so important. I hope you enjoy this video! Let me know if you would like to see another one of these in a few months!! XOXO Ekene Patience
Products Mentions
The Body Shop Tee Tree
Tee tree Facial Clearing Wash
The Body shop shower gel
The body shop foaming facial wash
Seaweed pure facial exfoliator


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It has been a great pleasure to do the make-up of these beauties in The Netherlands. I am also a photo model, I also do my Make-Up during my photosessions.  I have been a certified Makeup artist for more than 5 years.

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Hair and Beauty Care Tips!



Hello lovelies, Here is a Tutorial to inspire you on How to Style your Hair, Makeup and Beauty tips.
I do purchase my Makeup items from Boozy Shop in the Netherlands.
My Favourite Make-Up brands are from;
-La Girl Foundation
– Dior
– Lancôme
The Body Shop
– Mary Kay Foundation (I am a Mary Kay beauty Consultant in The Netherlands, Please contact me if you need Mary Kay products)
– Graftobian Banana powder from Amazon
– Makeup Studio eyeshadow
– Sleek blush
-Lashes from Kruidvat
Rimmel London lipstick, Maybelline New York
-Naked Eye shadow from Urban decay

– I am also loving The Body Shop beauty cosmetics such as Face scrub, Mask.
In this video I shared with you Queen Helene Mask and Scrub I discovered recently. I buy them from Me Gorgeous in The Netherlands. I also use Skin Success face cleanser, it helps to deep cleanse your body. Reducing the amount of Makeup you wear on daily basis will help you with clear skin. I also drink a lot of water too to achieve beautiful skin

My hair is 18 Inches Brazilian hair I bought online from Fresh Hair in The Netherlands.
You can maintain it by adding little quantity of Garner hair serum and water.
My necklace on this movie is from Amazon, I ove bold jewelries.
You can shop your beautiful Perfum, Cosmetics and Makeup from Parfum Star in The Netherlands.
I also love wearing Opi nail polish, but as for now, I am rocking my French tips which I made my self.

My accessories is from – for your affordable watches. Watch Star is an online shop for Watches in The Netherlands. We ship to London, Belgium Germany and The Netherlands.

Thank you so much for stopping by!
I love you!


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