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Fiverr Gig by Ekene Patience Nesiagho

Website design, content marketing and blogging

Hello dear,

My name is Ekene Patience Nesiagho

I am a freelancer.

I do fiverr gigs


I was wondering,

Please may i receive an approval from you/management in regard to the fiverr gig freelance work i have done for your firm?

May I publish you on my websites below ( ie If I have not published already and started with promotions?

May I promote your company/brand on my websites and via social media?

and so on….


(249) Birthday Celebration Outfits, Great Restaurants, Gift Idea, Chit-Chat and More! – YouTube

advertising fee  –

terms and condition –

virtual contract –

Business proposal –

Please do respond within seventy-two hours.

(72) hours

I do offer two weeks from now up to four weeks maximum to respond to my message (i.e. to say yes or no to my proposal) via Instagram reply, email reply, Twitter, Facebook message reply, LinkedIn message reply.

if i do receive a reply within the four weeks maximum time frame i did offered (starting from the date on the email sent, Instagram message, twitter, facebook upto four weeks, if i did receive a reply to delete everything, i published, i shall do so without any fee attached)

If i did not receive a reply (starting from the date i sent an email, social media message, requesting for approval of my fiverr gig, It shall be considered as a YES! that means the gig has been approved.

The individual, brand, organization is liable to pay for the monthly fee of my fiverr gig(s) depending on how long i have been promoting your company via the published link on my websites and on social media, emailing and so on.


I believe four weeks is good enough time frame for every active and functional business to have read and respond by emails, social media messages and more.

I will be very happy to work for you/brand.

my fiverr freelance fiverr account

Please do endeavor to reply to my email and social media messages via, Facebook, Instagram, twitter as soon as you receive it.

my cv

advertising fee

awaiting your appropval


If I have already published you as an individual or a brand

Do give me an immediate instruction to delete the published fiverr gig on my website immediately. ( ie if you do not approve my work or you are not happy with my work)

I do appreciate your feedback very much.

( I shall delete it immediately without any cost involved irrespective of how long you have been on my website)

Awaiting your response.

If I have published your brand, perhaps one year ago, six months ago, and you have just read and recently read this message. If you do reply immediately to my message to delete my work for your brand, I shall delete it immediately, without any cost involved, but after four weeks of receiving this approval request, with no response, it is considered as a YES ( that means, if you have been published on my website for five months, the five months fee is compulsory, If you have been published on my weiste for one year,  the one year fee is compulsory)


I have offered one month time frame to respond, without no response, it is considered as a yes!

see google translator below

Franchise Businesses

For franchise businesses such as Starbucks, Mcdonalds, Swarovski, Shell, Chevron and so on, that does not have an email address on their websites, I do plead to the manager of the social media accounts of these brands such as the Instagram manager of Mcdonalds, Instagram manager of Starbucks, Instagram manager of Shell, Instagram account manager for Chevron ( these are examples) to officially inform the owners of the franchise of various owners of the businesses in different cities, such as the management of Starbucks in Newyork, Starbucks manager of Starbucks Antwerpen central station and the Starbucks Manager of Starbucks Amsterdam central station.

How to reply?

Do reply the instagram message immediately sent t you, do reply the email messages received email addresses and

Whatsapp – +31683059224

Kind regards

Ekene Patience Nesiagho

Content Creator, Blogger, Youtuber, Philanthropist


Blacknoir | +31683059224

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tiktok

Whatsapp : +31683059224

Signed by management.

11th of May 2023

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