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Ekene Patience Nesiagho

Whatsapp – +31683059224


Name of Companies – Black Noirmy fabulous beauties, and fabulous beauties food and on My affiliate marketing business is registered under crowd1 funding.



Mission – To inspire male and females to look and experience more fabulous lifestyle.

Business Address – Oude vlisssingseweg 61 4336 AB Middelburg, The Netherlands

Executive summary – and other marketing websites. I enlist goods and services I have experienced and goods and services that are highly recommended.

On blacknoir, you shall find several pages such as Nigerian Delight, Dutch delight and so on.

I designed the website and and more


 Whom am I?

 Hello, my name is Ekene Patience Nesiagho  I earned my master’s degree from University of Dundee Scotland. I have a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry in Nigeria and a Bachelor of Art in International business and management studies from The Netherlands. I earned my online professional secretary from Penn foster career school. I also have other diploma as a beauty consultant, diploma in makeup, skincare cosmetics and perfumery.

I have earned national and international internship and working experience in several prestigious companies in The Netherlands and Nigeria such as Ocean Crest as a teacher, Cedar oak laundry, a sister company to  Cross and Churchill in Nigeria,  Elder in United Kingdom, Eneco  AdeccoVan Der ValkFriss b.v.Fletchers HotelsKruidvatDe TuinenAllevoMooi Parfumerie,  Parfum StarAmadoreToro DoradoCandelabra b.v. Roompot in the Netherlands and Jacaranda Trading in Rotterdam the Netherlands the sister company to Van Vliet Trucks.

Aim of my websites, blacknoir,, and my fabulous beauties

 My first aim of building my fabulous beauties, black noir and my other websites is to share goods and services i have used and that are highly recommended.

 My second aim of building my website is to help companies to become more visible online. I do apply my digital marketing skills by writing regularly on my web. I have also enlisted some top-notch companies such as klm, ns, allevo, nasa, elder, roompot on the top page of my website.

My third aim of building my websites is to introduce my present following on my social media accounts such as Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube videos, Twitter to goods and services i have used and experienced and goods and services that i highly recommend.

I tend to offer minimum of five thousand views every day and maximum of fifty thousand views to all the companies I have enlisted on my website via all my social media platforms and via emailing, the maximum about of views is fifty thousand views per day via flickr, linkedintwitter, Instagram, emailing, Facebook page updates, Youtube videos, tiktok and more!

On website, I tend to write content related to goods and services I have enlisted on my affiliate marketing site black Noir by writing regularly relevant content, I tend to promote companies, goods and services, rank higher on google subsequently creating avenue for more visibility and sales for the companies enlisted on my websites.


  • I write blog post for you/your company on my websites myfabulousbeauties and ekenepatience .
  • I create Tik-tok account and promote goods and services enlisted on my websites. my tiktok accounts tiktok 1 tiktok 2
  • I promote goods and services on my Facebook account enlisted on my websites.
  • I promote the enlisted goods and services on my website by emailing and via other social media accounts such as twitter, pinterest, instagram. Please find my social media accounts on my webiste ekenenpatience on the top right hand side.
  • I design and update my websites on regular basis
  • I promote goods and services enlisted on my websites on my youtube account
  • I have a pinterest account whereby i created several boards to promote goods and services
  • I write blog post regularly. I speak and write english language fluently
  • I pratice seach engine advertising and search engine optimisation by writing regularly on my blog and advertising online on websites such as gumtree, facebook, and so on

Value added Advantages.

  1. I am a professional writer; I earned my online professional secretary diploma from Penn foster scranton usa. I write professional blog post. I shall write regularly on my websites to improve visibility online by practicing search engine optimization and search engine advertising.
  2. I offer minimum of five thousand views every day and maximum of thirty thousand views to all the companies enlisted on my websites via all my social media platforms and via emailing.
  3. I shall send email regularly and also share my blog post on linkedin
  4. I shall post regularly on my social media accounts such as flickr, twitter, facebook, instagram and so on
  5. I have been blogging for more than ten years, most companies i have worked for are very happy with my work.
  6. I am also on fiverr. I have been on fiverr for eight years. I have done so many gigs for individuals and companies for over a decade.

Fiverr Gig Work Experience

  1. I have done Fiverr gig for Jacaranda Trading Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I assisted in designing the company’s logo.
  2. I have done makeup for several model, offered haircare, selfcare advice and also did photography gig for SMWO Goes Meiden middag.
  3. I have designed sign post , flyers and posters for Parfumstar Rotterdam. I used the services of Vista print.
  4. I have coached more than one hundred students at Hogeschool Rotterdam topics related to website design.
  5. I have done modelling gigs with more than four hundred amateur and professional photographers, national and international. See listing of some of the photographers I have worked with here
  6. I have assisted in website design, webshop and logo for, watchstar.nlamor agendo foundation, fabulousbeautiesfashion and more!
  7. I have done fiverr fig for several brands by doing shoutouts and modelling their goods and services. Brands such as Vr-i.nlFemme Luxe clothingSho NutritionMay Beauty Masker, Aw Bridal, Duvolle and many more!
  8. I have received several gift items such as free perfumes, cosmetics, shoes, dresses, Make-up and more from brands and individuals exchange for very lovely photos and videos
  9. I have offered several persons basic english language lessons (written and verbal)
  10. I offer basic english language and dutch lessons video tutorials and also on slideshare
  11. I write exciting short stories( see my short story book published on amazon. I also write contents on my vlog

Advertisement packages – Here

My short stories on Amazon  Here

Facebook – Here

Tiktok – Here

my cv – Here

My website – Here

Instagram – Here

Pinterest – Here

Youtube – Here

Business Proposal Model

I tend to send my published business proposal, cv and my websites to companies I wish to work with.

I do send my business proposal to companies on my website and on via email, Facebook, twitter, instagram ( e.g companies such as shell, exxon mobile, halliburton does not have an email address published on their websites, so i tend to send these companies a message and the business proposal link from my website to their facebook, twitter account or via instagram) For companies with email address, such as Baccarat hotel Newyork, i did sent an email with link of my proposal

I do await response via WhatsApp chat, face to face, email or via phone calls.

After three days, up to one month maximum of publishing and signing contract (paperwork contract soft copies, that is the cv sent, permission letter, proposal letter, virtual contact, terms and condition is attached on the proposal letter, fiverr gig approval request, permission letter and so on), (one week, maximum of one month) after sending these documents without any response, it is considered as an approved gig (YES!) the advertising fee is then compulsory.

I do invest time in conducting research, publishing, in internet data, electronics, sending email, paying for the website hosting, buying food and beverages, for workspace, accommodation, self-care items and so on.

Fiverr gigs approval and Disapproval

Fiverr gigs can only be approved or disapprovedby-

  1. sending me a reply to my permission letter by email or by replying to my Instagram message, Facebook message or twitter message with business proposal, permission letter, fiverr gig approval request.
  2. I am on fiverr. Please find my fiverr gig approval request letter here

I tend to apply for a job online via LinkedIn, indeed or by open sollicitation.

After sending my cv, I sometimes go ahead and publish the company/brand on my website(s) ater publishing, I tend to send fiverr gig approval request, permission letter, business proposal and so on.

I do offer 1-week up to four weeks to say yes or no to my fiverr gig via email response, instagram message, whatsap message response, after four weeks, no response, it would be considered as a yes!

My CV – Here

Business aim, mission and vision – Here

virtual contract – Here

Terms and Conditions – Here

How does it work?

I shall visit your company or send an email ( for international companies in countries such as Canada, Australia, Spain; we shall talk about my website design gig face to face, or via email ( sent permision letter, cv, business proposal, fiverrgig aproval letter and so on, After discussion, i shall send all the relevant documents via email, instagram message, facebook messages, whatsapp chat and so on I shall submit my proposal to your company.

I do offer three days up to one month maximum to read and sign my proposal, virtual contract and so on.

I shall send you my account details via email, face to face for payments.

I do accept cash payment, tikkie request payments, money gram, Ria money transfer, Western Union, trade by barter and more!

Fiverr Gig Approval

Hi angels, I do accept fiverr gig approval via email, whatsapp chat or via instagram message.

I do offer three days upto four weeks to rely my email, instagram message, whatsapp message, Facebook message or verbal notification.

I tend to publish businesses online first on my website (s) or create content first, afterwards I tend to notify the company/brand.

I do offer three days upto one month to approve or disapprove my fiverr gig

Fiverr gig Dissaproval

I do accept email reply, Instagram, Facebook message reply, whatsapp message, LinkedIn message, twitter message reply or message reply with NO as an answer ONLY.

If you do say no to my fiverr gig three (3) to four (4) weeks after publication via email, LinkedIn or offer social media platforms, I shall remove it.

After four weeks, with no written reply (dissaproval) via email, twitter message, Instagram message, linkedin in message, it would be considered as APPROVED!

Thank you so much for anticipated approval of my fiverr gig and for your patronage.

signed by management.

Ekene Patience Nesiagho

Ekene Patience
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