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Hello! I am a graduate of Msc. in Management and Marketing from the prestigious University of Dundee, Scotland. I also  earned two bachelor degrees. Bsc.  in Biochemistry and BA International business and management studies at Inholland University  and at University of  Rotterdam and Applied sciences. Please find more info on my online cv here  I and my colleagues offer the following services –

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I am on fiverr

I do fiverr gig.

The price of enlisting each company on this website is 30 euros every month (thirty euros)

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I am on fiverr


I do fiverr gig.

The price of enlisting each company on this website is 30 euros every month (thirty euros)

Thank you.


Please do read more about my fiverr gigs here.

Ekene & co.  offers services for your office management such as:

Customer service and business development.
Seo and Sea.
Website building and tutoring.
Social media updates, flights, events management, and hotel bookings.
I and my team members have assisted ( in the past)  the following companies to build their website/business plan –

Supply and implementation of mobile hospitals supplied to Congo and Sierre leone by Van Vliet Truck In The Netherlands and digital marketing plan for  Mobbr in The Netherlands.

Viral marketing business plan for and sho nutrition
Parfum Star Rotterdam
Solite Travel Nigeria
Izi Fes Shoe company The Netherlands
Sephora ( marketing strategy for Dutch market)
watch star in The Netherlands ( built the website, SEO, sea and does the social media updates)
The business plan for Jacaranda Trading B.V.
Coached several students at Rotterdam University of Applied sciences on how to build a website
Maintenance of this website Ekene Patience
Sales representative for Van Vliet Trucks and luxury cars in The Netherlands, mainly emailing potential customers in African countries (introductory email)
Eneco ( door to door marketing, sales of Toon) (for few days)
Dorcas – Collection of clothes for less privileged ones worldwide) also assist in yearly food collection in Emte supermarket in ‘s Gravenpolder now known as Coop supermarket in The Netherlands. I have been working for Dorcas for over few years. collections stopped since 2017.
Student mentor for University of Dundee Scotland (2017 –  2018)coaching new students and Mini marketing plan Snuggle

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If you do need cars, trucks, generators, from The Netherlands, please do not hesitate to contact me – Here

English or Dutch Tutor

I am Dutch and Nigerian citizen, originally from Nigeria, whereby the English language is the first language.  I studied at the University of Dundee, Scotland where I earned my masters in Marketing and Management.  I have been living in the Netherlands for almost 13 years. I have been giving English and Dutch lessons to students of all levels for a very long time in The Netherlands and Nigeria. My goal during lessons is to challenge the student but not to overwhelm them.  I tailor the lessons individually to the needs of the student. I am also a blogger/writer on Ekene Patience.

Please contact me if you need a Dutch or An English Language tutor.

p.s. I  also offer management advice. Please contact me today for more information

Email –

Whatsapp – +31683059224








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