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July 2021


7 Favourite Shop For Skincare Items!

Hello my beautiful friends! How are you? I hope you all are doing well! Today, I am going to share with you my five favourite shops for shopping for skin care items, It is very important to take good care of your skin.

  1. Me gorgeous
  2. The Body Shop
  3. Ici Parisxl
  4. Super drug
  5. Kruidvat
  6. Rituals
  7. Etos


These above mentioned shops has very nice skincare items such as body cream, soap, scrub, day and night cream and more.

In order to achieve a clearer skin, you need to use the body scrub from rituals, in order to reduce the blemishes on the skin, you need to use the e45 cream, in order to remove scars and stretch marks on the skin, you need to use bio oil, in order to reduce the dryness of the skin, you need to use Nivea body lotion, for sweet scented hair, you need the shampoo from the body shop or from rituals. You may want to use andrelon product too from Kruidvat shop in The Netherlands. Please find more info on my YouTube video here


I am a  certified beauty consultant with diplomas in skincare, perfumery , cosmetics and makeup with diploma ascertained by bodepa in europe. Aside from using these awesome cosmetics  from these shops mentioned above, eating great quality food is essential and drinking a lot of water.

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5 Top Hotels In The Netherlands 2021!

Hello my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you all are doing fine.

There are five top hotels in zeeland in The Netherlands,

1. Amadore hotels

2. Van de valk

3. Fletcher hotels

4. Nieuwe doel hotel

5. Hotel middelburg

These above mentioned hotels has great customer service. Very tidy bedroom, and friendly workers.

Few years ago, I was working as a house keeper at Fletcher hotel in zeeland prior before I started my masters studies at the University of dundee. I truelly like the way the rooms look like  and the pretty view. I also worked as a waitress, where by I served food and drinks at the hotel.

Are you in need of  a decent affordable hotel in Zealand, The Netherlands, you may visit these hotels mentioned above or you may want to stay at rompoot holiday home. Amadore hotel in Goes Zeeland has really nice and tasty food.

Aside from these above mentioned hotel, if you are visiting Amsterdam for the first time, I highly recommend the Ibis hotel very close to the train station in Amsterdam and citizen m hotel in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and London. The reason why I recommend the ibis hotel close to Amsterdam central is because I do like the French touch to all ibis hotels. I am a huge big fan of ibis hotel, I have stayed in ibis hotel in London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam and Lagos, I truly like the rooms, their kind staff and off course their beautiful well decorated rooms. If you do need a very affordable hotel, you may want to spend the night at travel lodge hotel.

During my masters studies, I flew very often with easy jet airline. I stayed at some awesome hotels in The Netherlands such as Hotel level, easy hotel, citizen m hotel, most times the flight arrived very late at Schipol airport and was impossible to go to Zeeland because the train were not riding then. I had to fly from uk to The Netherlands very often because I had appointment with my family members living in The Netherlands.

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I am a business, beauty heath and it consultant.  Please contact me if you are interested in working with me. I write short story books and make beautiful pictures

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Top Items You Need For Your Trip to London 2021!

Hello my beautiful friends and family, how are you? I hope you all are doing well. There are five top items you need to travel with to London.

Are you preparing for an examination in London, do you need a study partner in London, a speech consultant, translator, or someone to help you with your application at any university in London or Scotland. London and scotland would be your best choice and place for your examination or for your Ph.D. study application.

1. Book an Airbnb accommodation or hotel in London.

If you have enough money rent your own accommodation, or you may purchase the house, if you are very generous to allow your friends and family member to stay in the accommodation ( rented or newly bought ) accommodation for free for few days.

2. Book a flight from Amsterdam to London with klm, easy jet or a train with Euros star to london.

 3. Spend the night at Novotel in London.

4. Have fun!



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June/July 2021 Favourites

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you all are doing well. I am very happy to share with you my current favourite items this month of July slash June 2021.

  1. Dior foundation
  2. Timberland shoes
  3. Mascara and lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury
  4. T shirt from Hawes & Curtis
  5. Rituals shampoo, body wash and cream
  6. English food from tesco
  7. Relaxing
  8. Underwear from Calvin klein
  9. Too faced eyeshadow

I have been using these above-mentioned items for many years. I do like their brands, for example, Dior has a nice foundation, aside from foundation, Dior has lipsticks, perfume and eyeshadow. I truly like the quality of the items. Too Faced eyeshadow is my current favourite eyeshadow brand. Aside from Too Faced eyeshadow, I also like Urban decay eyeshadow and Jefreestar eyeshadow very much!

Tesco is a supermarket in England. Tesco has really nice food and great customer service. Ritual cosmetics are really nice, love the scent, the texture of the body and also the Rituals shampoo is awesome for hair wash. Aside from Tesco food, I do like Mark and spencer food and Sainsbury.

I also recommend chilling. You may visit cool hotels such as Radisson blu , Hilton, Ibis, Sheraton hotel to relax. You may want to find a nice location to travel to and relax, Sunweb, Kes and so many other travelling agency can help you choose a nice travel location.