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Hello! My name is Ekene Patience

I am a professional carer!

I am also a digital marketeer.

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I do work currently as a freelance marketeer.

Recommended home care companies and hospitals

I am currently a freelance carer. I have worked for prestigious home care companies in The Netherlands such ad Allevo, SVRZ via Allevo and also for Elder.org in The United Kingdom.

Allevo – Here

Elder.org – Here

Corinium Care London – Here

Callin Home Care Edinburgh – Here

Evercare hospital Lagos Nigeria – Here

Redington Hospital Lagos Nigeria – Here

Nizamiye Hospital Abuja – Here

Alexianer Hospital Hamburg Germany – Here



Homecare Companies

More recommendations

  1. Wvo zorg zeeland
  2. London Care
  3. Vegro zorg winkel Delft
  4.  Helping hands home care London




I do work currently as a freelance carer.

I offer beauty,self care advice, healthcare advice and mentoring via YouTube videos, face to face, and via phonecalls and whatsapp.


Bellen/Whatsapp – +31683059224

Email – ekenepatience@yahoo.com


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