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September 2016


Awesome Graduation Party Vlog – Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences!

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Hello Muffins! Thank you for watching. This is an awesome vlog to share with you my Graduation experience at Rotterdam Business school.

I recently graduted from Rotterdam University of Applied sciences. I am so elated and had an awesome time! Few years ago, I started my University studies at Inholland University in Rotterdam i did my third and fourth year study at Hogeschool Rotterdam.  During my study, I met and made friends with lots of national and international student whom came from different countries to study in the Netherands.

I did my digital minor in Digital marking, I also gave lectures at one occasion at Rotterdam Univeristy of appied sciences to my felow students, I taught them how to build a website and social media marketing due to the fact that i had my business fabulous beauies ( , after the lecture, i got some great feedback fom my colleagues on how to improve my website and social medial activities. I am realy passionate about blogging, seo, marketing and sales. I and my team members did some great projects for companies such as Mobbr, Izifes, etc. I have been inspired by some great makeup artist, social media enthusiastic peope and also by my great lecturers. Rotterdam is a fabulous city to study there are lots of international business opportunities there. I highly recommend Rotterdam univeristy and applied sciences school for your studies, or Erasmus univeristy. When I can newly to the Netherlands, I wanted to study at Erasmus university,  I was not so good at statistics, that was the reason i did not gain admission at Erasmus University.

In Nigeria, I did my studies of Biochemistry at Anambra State University, presently known as Odumegwu Ojukwu Univeristy, then during  my final year study, I went with my fellow student to University of Nigeria, the best university in Nigeria to write my thesis on Anti diarrhoea effect of Combretum dolichopetalum plants on Diarrhoe. We did the test on Swiss albino rats. At Rotterdam University i wrote my thesis on Export of  Jacaranda trading b.v. mobile hospital to Nigeria.  One of the findings of my thesis research is that there is enormous amount of demand of martenal mobile hospital, laboratory in Nigeria.

I hope this vlog inspires you. Thank you so much for all your love, support and encouragements.

 Love you.


 Ekene Patience



Question And Answer

Hello muffins, here is a video to answer all your amazing questions.

1. Where do I get my Styling inspiration from?
I get my inspiration from going online on Pinterest, Tumbler, Youtube, popular actresses such as Naomi Campbell, Uche Jumbo, Oluchi Onweagba.
2 How many kids do I have ?
I have 2 Kids.
2. How many language do I speak?
I speak four languages, Igbo, English, Dutch, French.

3. Which countries have I been to?

I have been to Germany, Belguim, Spain, Italy.
What is my Favourite food?


My favourite food is Rice and chicken

Whom are my favourite Youtubers?
Zoella, Tanya blurr, Mimi Ikonn, Beauty byjj, Michelle Phan

How often so I visit Nigeria?

Twice a year, although, this year, I have not been to Nigeria.

What is my Favourite sports?
Jogging, cycling, I cycle on my bikes on daily basis, this has helped me to lose some weight and stay in shape.
Whom are my favourite musician?
Nick and Simon, Andre Haze, P Square, Dbanj, Asa,
What is my nationality?
I am a Nigerian and Dutch.
When did I start modelling?
I started modelling more than a decade now.
I hope this video and pictures inspires you!
I love you so so much.
Ekene Patience




August Favourites


Hello beauties, I just posted a video on my YouTube channel. August month has been an awesome fabulous month, so I decided to share with you few of my August Favourite items. I love Mac products, I shared a Mac studio Fix powder in the video, the powder has been my favourite. I have been using Mac products for more than 8 years now, very cool product indeed. I usually buy Mac products from Partum Star, Douglas In The Netherlands, Sephora. I’m also loving the Gucci Rush perfume! It’s just fab.

Last month, I did a lot of styling, after a hard day at work, wearing sweaty jeans and shirt, I like to get home, take my bath with some Nivea or Dove shower gel, dress up in my favourite dress and create an awesome video to entertain you.

I also enjoy spending time with my lovely boys. My sons love playing with toys such as Lego, Playmobile, tennis,voetball water pistol , and reading books. My very good friend introduced me to some cool YouTube videos for kids such as Nintjes, teletubbies (which I already know) and some cool Dutch kids programmes. I got my older son an Adidas shoes and Nike school bag last week, and some cool dinosaur book.

I do love braiding my hair. I style my hair and do my makeup myself. It is essential to wash your hair with shampoo at least every week.

I usually shop my furniture from Ikea and Leen bakker in The Netherlands. Some of the furniture at my home, I alreay have them for many years. I have been living in The Netherlands for more than 6 years, all these years, I used to live alone few years ago, then I bought some items for myself.

Another August favourites are my study books , I recently graduated as International Business and management studies, during my study years, it was compulsory to buy some cool books such as Marketing research, Business ethics, Accountancy. I do enjoy reading my digital marketing book a lot. I recently got a Dutch novel called the Vligeraar, I do love it because it also has a movie too.

I enjoy cooking too, my favourite food is Rice with Chicken, I ensure to add salad to my meal every day, I ate some fruits also on daily basis during the month of August such as Kiwi,banana,Apple etc.

I hope my August Favourites inspres you. I do  love to hear from you what your August favourites are. Please do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I promise you will love it.

Stay beautiful!

I love you so so so much


Ekene Patience.




Daily Skincare Routine


dscf7510Hello Loves! Hope you all are doing well. Here are some few tips on how I maintain a heathy skin. I do drink a lot of water and thee on daily basis. Water helps to keep you hydrated and ensures a glowing skin. I also bike a lot. I bike almost on daily basis, Biking helps  to tone your muscles and be in shape. I also use awesome affordable cosmetic products such as bio- oil, Nivea, Baby oil. Eating lots of fruits and vegetable is paramount. I do eat fruits such as Banana, Kiwi, Oranges everyday to gain some essential nutrients such as vitamins. Vegetables are also important such as cucumber, sla,tomatoes, onions etc.

Wearing good makeup , such as foundations, powder, applying bush and lipstick or gloss can also refreshen you and makes your skin glow.

A good night rest is also very important to earn a glowing skin. Avoid too much smoking and drinking too much alcohol..

I hope these tips are helpful!

I love you so much.


Patience Ekene


Shopping In Rotterdam



Hello lovelies! I hope you are doing well! This is an awesome vlog to share with you my awesome shopping exerience in Rotterdam. Rotterdam is an awesome city in The Netherlands. Rotterdam is the second most biggest city in Holland. There are awesome shps such as De Bijenkorf, Primark, H&M, We,Van Haren, Omoda,Mexx,The Sing and many more. I usually shop from Pprimar, H&M, We fashion, Omoda,Manfield in the Netherlands. For my mkeup and cosmetics, I buy them in Kruidvat, Douglas, Ici Paris,Etos nd De tuinen. Parfumstar in Hoogstraat Rotterdam is also an awesome shop for makeup and cosmetics for very affordable prices.
Rotterdam is also known for shipping port and international university. It is very diversified wth alot of international and global persons from China, India, Japan, Suriname,Africa thus highly multicultural.

The shirt am wearing while playing with my child in the sitting room is from Primark. C&A is also a great shop for male and female clothing. I usually buy toys from Blokker and Bartsmith for my little boys. they love playing with lego, cars etc.

I hope this video inspires you.

I do love to know where you do your shopping!

Stay fabulous.

Ekene Patience