Hi, my name is Ekene Patience Nesiagho.

I am a food blogger!

I am also a digital marketeer.

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I do work currently as a freelance marketeer.


Recommended Supermarkets.

Please find my food / eatery recommendations


  1. Thais Supermarket
  2. Dirk
  3. Lidl
  4. Tesco
  5. Asda
  6. Carrefour Maroc
  7. Carrefour Antwerpen
  8. Shoprite
  9. Albert Heijn
  10. Walmart
  11. Greenwich supermarket Owerri
  12. Wazobia Market Housten Texas
  13. Spar Supermarket Middelburg
  14. Jumbo
  15. Aldi Uk
  16. Carrefour Antwerpen
  17. Shoprite
  18. Everyday supermarket Owerri
  19. Sainbury’s Supermarket



Recommended restaurants/eatery.

  1. Starbucks
  2. Sushi Familie
  3. Le Pain Quotidien Newyork
  4. BD Halal restaurant Newyork City
  5. 91 Spices Restaurant Rotterdam
  6. Home and away restaurant Benin city
  7. Restaurant Fitz Gerald Rotterdam
  8. Toro Dorado Restaurant Amsterdam
  9. Credam Restaurant Amsterdam
  10. Cilantro Restaurant Abuja
  11. Caffe Nero London
  12. Toujours restaurant Haarlem
  13. Senses restaurant Amsterdam
  14. Blackbell Restaurant Lagos, Nigeria
  15. Red Lobster Newyork
  16. Burger King Lagos
  17. Restaurant Scherp Middelburg Zeeland
  18. Genesis restaurant victoria Island Lagos Nigeria
  19. Broklym Bar and Grill Middelburg Zeeland
  20. Visamy restaurant Vlissingen
  21. Bife Churrasco Argentijns Restaurant Antwerpen
  22. Asian Town restaurant Port Harcourt
  23. Cubana restaurant/ lounge Owerri
  24. Topview Hotel and restaurant Asaba
  25. Kelly’s Irish Pub Antwerpen Central Station
  26. Wazobia Market Housten Texas
  27. Chicken Republic Lagos
  28. Ayla Restaurant Rotterdam
  29. The Gallery Kitchen Rotterdam Plaza
  30. Royal Roots Corner African Food Rotterdam
  31. Taco Mundo Breda
  32. Wasbar Restaurant Antwerpen Central Station
  33. Taco Bell Breda Central Station
  34. Pret A Manger Brussels Midi
  35. Gastro Cafe Santiago Vlissingen
  36. Oever Restaurant Amsterdam
  37. Leon Amsterdam
  38. Blackbell restaurant victoria island Lagos
  39. Cedars restaurant Amsterdam
  40. Bangkok thais restaurant Amsterdam
  41. Jinnybroodjes Rotterdam
  42. Poffertjes Salon Seth Hoogstraat
  43. Mama Cass Lagos
  44. Nandos
  45. Genesis restaurant
  46. Mimi’s Place Owerri
  47. Natoo eatery Rotterdam
  48. Crunchies Owerri
  49. The Hive restaurant Owerri
  50. Kilimanjaro restaurant Ikenegbu Owerri
  51. 5-star Restaurant Asaba
  52. Bougainvillea hotel and restaurant Port Harcourt
  53. Hive Owerri

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