Top 7 Hospitals In The Netherlands!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family!  How are you today? I hope all is well. Today, I am going to share with you the top 7 hospitals in The Netherlands. I have been living in Europe for over a decade. The Netherlands has great hospitals with great infrastructure, quick customer service, professional staffs and so on.

  1. Erasmus hospital
  2. Admiralty Ruyte Ziekenhuis
  3. Maastad hospital
  4. AMC Hospital Amsterdam
  5. Avans hospital
  6. Jeroen Bosch Hospial Breda
  7. MST Enschede

I have visited and have received medical care from some of the hospitals mentioned above. Are you ill? do you have heart disease? diabetes? cancer? or are you pregnant and looking for the best hospitals in Europe or in The Netherlands, I do recommend you conduct good research by visiting some good hospitals in your area or travel abroad to countries with better infrastructure. by so doing, you would be to make the right choice and receive the best medical treatment.e

I have also been to some hospitals in Nigeria and received treatments in some hospitals in Lagos Nigeria such as;

  1. Reddington Hospital
  2. Ave Maria hospital
  3. Georges memorial hospital
  4. Ubth
  5. Enugu state teaching hospital
  6. Doren clinic
  7. Nizamiye hospitals

I am a beauty and health consultant in The Netherlands. Hospitals in Nigeria or other African countries may want to shop for great medical infrastructure such as ambulances, generators,  MRI, x-ray, incubators from

  1. Lamboe
  2. Vanvliet trucks
  3. Alibaba


I hope this blog post inspired you! Thank you so much for reading! I would be very pleased to learn from you which hospitals you do like the most in The Netherlands and your reasons. Please like, comment and share!

I am a business consultant and personal shopper, If you need me to conduct market research and have any questions regarding medical goods and services in Europe, please contact me.


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