How To Communicate With Your Partner!

Hello, my amazing friends and family. How are you?  hope you all are doing well. This is a requested blog post. I was asked to share with you all how to communicate better with your partner.

Majority of all relationship happens to be successful or become unsuccessful due to communication. Great communication skills are important in marriage, partnership, business and more.

Instead of avoiding communicating with our partner due to the heat that comes up afterward, it is rather advisable to be able to listen to your partner, have the patience to ask your partner why he or she behaved in that particular way. Your objective is to understand the situation.

The following tips would enable you to have a better communication tips and have a  better relationship

  1. Smile always, think positively. Change the way you look at things. Having a positive mindset can help you build a better relationship
  2.  Be compassionate. Just be nice. Say nice things all the time to your partner
  3. Be respectful. Value and communicate your value to the other person.
  4. Do not criticize your partner
  5. Avoid assumptions and hard talk. Please do not bring up topics that might be suggestive or offend your partner.
  6. Be very polite. Do not suddenly go cold on your partner by practicing the silence treatment.
  7. Take the time to compliment each other on a daily basis.
  8. Do not walk out of your partner or behave very aggressive with him or her
  9. Do not scream or raise the tone of your voice when communicating with your partner, rather speak with a nice calm and soothing tone of voice.
  10. Deviate from washing your dirty linen in the public ( an idiom ) which means saying negative things about him or her, rather visit a professional pschologist or a relationship expert in your area to seek help.


I hope this blog post inspired you. I am a business, beauty and health consultant. If you need more healthy relationship tips, beauty, and business consultancy, please contact me.



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How to talk to your partner

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