5 Top Furniture Companies You Can Buy Your Furnitures From In The Netherlands In 2019!

Hello my beautiful friends and family, How are you? I hope you are well. Today, I am going to share with you top furniture companies where I bought my furniture in 2019 in The Netherlands. I enjoy buying furniture in The  Netherlands because furniture sold here are very durable, presentable and reliable.

  1. Pronto
  2. Better bed
  3. Jysk
  4. Karwei
  5. Leen Bakker

I visited and shopped with these furniture companies frequently this year, their customer service is impeccable. I also enjoy shopping with Ikea and with Swisssense too.

In Nigeria, over a decade ago, I worked with First Light furniture company in Lekki  Lagos Nigeria, First Light Furniture company has helped several companies, banks, homes for redecoration and furnishng.


I am a personal shopper, I can help you choose the best  furniture and accessories  for your home, office, hotels and schools. Please contact me if you are interested in my services.


Ekene Patience


Good morning my lovelies! Have a blessed day xo

Thank you so much awbridals for sending me this lovely dress. Shop at

Hello! I am a beauty, business and health consultant

Hello! I am a beauty, business and health consultant, I am also a  personal shopper. I can help you and yours shop for travelling bag, cloths, furnitures, shoes, hotel reservations, flight ticket, Visa application, and more-


Makeup and Styling by Ekene patience. Wanna shop my look? Please contact me for more info +31620175330



Hello dear! I am a photo model and  a beauty consultant in The Netherlands. Please contact me if you would like to work with me. xo Ekene Patience

love my new furniture

Awesome job! xo

Chair – Leenbakker

LAMP – Ikea

FLOOR – Praxis






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Current favourite shops

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