Creating Fabulous Pictures and Awesome Video!

Hello Muffins! If you are new to my blog, you are most highly welcome! My name is Ekene and I have been a photo model and a beauty consultant in Europe and Africa for several years.

Today, I decided to share with you my knowledge on making fabulous pictures and videos. Incase you are a photo model, or just need a nice picture for your social media account such as Facebook, Twitter etc, you may need to contact a professional photographer. You can find someone whom is willing to make nice fun pictures of you or your family members for free online. If you do enjoy making movies like me (see below) i recommend great lighting, good audio, nice location and do try to look your best. You may want to use great apps on your iPhone for your photos such as Lipix, after light, photo collage,photo editor to work on your pictures.

Portret professional, photoshop and light rooms are also awesome for editing pictures.

I hope these tips inspires you!

I love you so so much.


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