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Hello, my amazing friends and family! How are you? I hope you all are doing well. I have been using rituals skincare products for my skin and also during beauty consultancy for many years. Rituals have great skin care products such as body scrub, mask, shower gel, shower foam, handwash, body cream, toner, air freshener, and more. The shower foam and shower gel of Ritual’s skincare scents very nice, trendy packaging, cleanses the body well. it looks great in The bathroom as well. he rituals sugar and cream exfoliates the body and leaves the skin looking so smooth and soft.

The great thing about the Ritual brand is that is all about Peace, tranquility, the great quotes, vibes is amazing! Rituals have day and night cream too. Amazon also sells the Ritual’s body.

You may ask, why do I need these products? Why is it important to cleanse the skin and repair it? well, it is very important to achieve a better glowing, flawless skin in order to boost your confidence. I am a beauty consultant with a diploma in skincare, perfume, cosmetics, and perfumery!

I am also a mummy. If you an African mummy, you all can ascertain that you tend to achieve darker skin tone, sometimes stretchmark, after giving birth, it’s very normal, because during nine months of pregnancy, the body undergoes lots of changes,  several hormonal changes until the little angel you are carrying in your womb is finally born.

Childbirth is the best and most natural thing that can happen to any woman. As soon as you have given birth to your precious child, please do not neglect your skincare regime, if you do not take care of your skin extremely well, your skin may be damaged, you may suffer from stretch marks, sagginess, acne, and skin discolorations. In order to achieve your skin elasticity and tone, you need to use great skin care products such as Rituals body scrub, body cream, body oil. If you care for your skin properly, you would make your husband and your self very happy because you would feel better, your husband would love your skin even more and all sagginess would disappear!

Everyone has different skin tone, type, and elasticity, applying sufficient cream, oil, and lotions on your skin, would help you achieve smoother skin. Diy (do it yourself) idea to achieve a brighter skin is to use lemon, sugar, and coconut oil, mix it in a bowl, apply it on your skin daily by massaging it into your skin gently to achieve a brighter, smoother skin. Palmer’s skincare lotion is also great for a more clearer beautiful skin

I am a beauty, business, and health consultant in The Netherlands.  I am also a photo model. Please contact me if you need skincare, beauty, a business consultancy with me.


Ekene Patience


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