Styling Ideas 2021!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family. How are you? I hope you all are doing fine. I love to dress up and look very nice. I like to wear long hair, nice dresses, nice makeup, a nice manicure,  jeans trousers, good shoes, a good winter jacket and more!

Are you a mummy? Would you like to achieve nice even skin and need t0 to know the best outfits to wear before and after pregnancy?  prevent stretch mark, achieve flat-looking, Tommy,  look more fabulous before and after delivery,  recover properly especially if you had caesarean section tips, by the way, mummies, rest very often so you do recover very fast after caesarean section or any male or female that has recently done an operation.  According to research, mummies need two to three years to recover after a caesarian section before the injury would be completely healed. this advice would be helpful. My male readers may find these advice also relevant.

1. Wear a nice pair of jeans and a shirt from g star, Tommy Hilfiger or a nice Levi jeans

2. Wear a nice shirt from femme luxe

3. Wear a nice headset from VR-i and a nice school bag from

4. Travel with a nice samsonite box

5. Wear a nice bag from o bag, Michael Kors, Dior and so on

6 Wear a nice wig from fabulous beauties fashion

7. Prenatal also have lovely outfits for mummies

8. Wear nice shoes from shabbies

9. ear a nice hair from Luxy hair.

10. Travel with ns

11. Stay in nice hotels such as Eko hotel or Sheraton hotel.

1, Buy some nice food via uber, deliveroo or in a nice restaurant


It is very important you wash your self with nice soap from dove and Nivea and with a nice shampoo from Garnier. If you do wash your self with a nice soap from dove and with a nice hair shampoo from andrelon,  your hair will scent very nice. also, use a nice deodorant from dove. Please avoid spoiling your expensive dresses and jeans with makeup, soap, oil or with dust.

Please use clean water to take your bath. Avoid cleaning your body with discoloured water it can damage the skin.

Also, use sunscreen on your face after taking your bath.

I hope these tips inspired you. Thank you so much for reading my blog.


Ekene Patience

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