Cool items A Woman Needs In 2020!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you are doing well. Are you a student, businesswoman, young lady? elderly lady? If yes, there are basic items you need to have in order to make you feel beautiful, maintain great hygiene, and feel loved. One of the main reasons I love The Netherlands, and also other European countries is due to the fact you get to find great quality cosmetics, clothing items, makeup, and more. Below are some cool items, in my opinion, a lady should have

  1. Nice clean hair, Do wash your hair daily with nice shampoos such as Andrelon, Rituals or Loreal shampoo.
  2. Makeup such as Dior Lipstick, eyeshadow from Urban decay, ici Paris, Biotherm cream, Nivea body wash and so on
  3. Underwear. Hunke Moller does sells great lingeries and underwear for ladies
  4.  A nice winter jacket, nice shoes, jeans, t-shirt, body spray and at least one good perfume from a great brand such as Dior, Channel, Gucci or Giorgio Armani
  5. A nice per of jeans and T-Shirt
  6. Anice dress
  7. Toiletries such as shaving stick, body spray, face scrub, tampons, face wash, makeup remover and so on

In order to maintain. a great relationship, marriage, or friendship, you need to look tidy and well kept for your loved ones, kids, husband, for the job interview, or for working from home. There is an adage, that says, looking good is a great business.

I do love wearing makeup and nice outfits. It makes me feel beautiful! I started wearing makeup over two decades ago. My makeup look hs changed over the years. My makeup look varies, sometimes i wear smokey eyes, sometimes golden blue eyeshadow, sometimes red lipstick, and sometimes pink. I also love to wear blush, pink or red blush from Mac. Whenever I enter the makeup counter, I am always excited. Eight years, ago, I worked in a makeup shop in Rotterdam, there I tried several lovely makeup items.  It was a great thrill!  I am so happy I can apply my makeup look myself.

I got to learn how to apply makeup professionally about a decade ago at the prestigious beauty school called Beauty Partners. During my studies at Beauty Partners, I learned how to apply makeup on my face, I also applied makeup on several other models, I also learned how to take care of one’s skin professionally ( male and female) such as how to remove makeup from the face, how to steam, apply masker on the face, scrub,  great brands for day and night cream. I also learned about cool perfumes for male and females. I worked briefly for Mooi parfumerie in Rotterdam. I am so happy I spent one good year doing the study.


Aside from the diploma I earned as a beauty consultant, I spent five years studying biochemistry in Nigeria, spent roughly five years ago studying international business and management studies in Rotterdam, and then I spent one-year studies for my master’s studies with the University of Dundee in Scotland. In my free time, I coach persons regarding health, beauty, business-related topics.

Would you like to practice English or dutch language with me, consult with me regarding, beauty, fashion, makeup or other topics, please do contact me?

Thank you so much for reading my blog


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