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Hello my beautiful friends and family, how are you today?  I hope you all are doing fine. Today, I am going to share with you an awesome idea on how to improve your SEO and sea of a website. Seo stands for search engine optimization, sea stands for search engine advertising.

In order to become more visible online, SEO and sea are very important. For example, If Miint the fashion brand wants to earn more customers in the Netherlands and beyond, Miint needs to advertise more often on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Marktplaat, Gumtree, and more.

Another great example is VR-i.  In order for the company to earn more customers, create awareness, VR-i practices SEO. Vr-i does ask vloggers, bloggers to promote their brand on their website, make nice pictures with their brand, by so doing, the company tends to achieve a higher number of sales.

By the way, I am a sales representative and one of the company’s brand ambassadors. I have helped VR-i to promote headsets, cameras, power banks.

I have written several articles on my blog and made youtube videos promoting brands. Vr-i headsets and other gadgets can be found on

The second example of a company that practices great SEO and sea is Femme Luxe. Femme luxe is an international brand in the united kingdom and America. I have been promoting items for the company for many years. Femme Luxe offers nice dresses, shoes, accessories, and more for females.  The company has sent me more than thirty dresses and other outfits to review for them, I can keep the lovely outfits after review. The company’s business model is brilliant, by so doing, the company creates awareness. creating awesome engagement and  publicity in Europe.


I am the CEO and founder of fab beauties, I improve SEO and sea of my company’s website by creating youtube videos, tutorials, blogging, making nice pictures, sharing them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I  promote and share the goods and services of other companies on my affiliate website. I also indulge in advertising and promotional activities online.

I am a model, business, it, health consultant in The Netherlands. Please contact me if you do need my services


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