5 Top Hotels In The Netherlands 2021!

Hello my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you all are doing fine.

There are five top hotels in zeeland in The Netherlands,

1. Amadore hotels

2. Van de valk

3. Fletcher hotels

4. Nieuwe doel hotel

5. Hotel middelburg

These above mentioned hotels has great customer service. Very tidy bedroom, and friendly workers.

Few years ago, I was working as a house keeper at Fletcher hotel in zeeland prior before I started my masters studies at the University of dundee. I truelly like the way the rooms look like  and the pretty view. I also worked as a waitress, where by I served food and drinks at the hotel.

Are you in need of  a decent affordable hotel in Zealand, The Netherlands, you may visit these hotels mentioned above or you may want to stay at rompoot holiday home. Amadore hotel in Goes Zeeland has really nice and tasty food.

Aside from these above mentioned hotel, if you are visiting Amsterdam for the first time, I highly recommend the Ibis hotel very close to the train station in Amsterdam and citizen m hotel in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and London. The reason why I recommend the ibis hotel close to Amsterdam central is because I do like the French touch to all ibis hotels. I am a huge big fan of ibis hotel, I have stayed in ibis hotel in London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam and Lagos, I truly like the rooms, their kind staff and off course their beautiful well decorated rooms. If you do need a very affordable hotel, you may want to spend the night at travel lodge hotel.

During my masters studies, I flew very often with easy jet airline. I stayed at some awesome hotels in The Netherlands such as Hotel level, easy hotel, citizen m hotel, most times the flight arrived very late at Schipol airport and was impossible to go to Zeeland because the train were not riding then. I had to fly from uk to The Netherlands very often because I had appointment with my family members living in The Netherlands.

By the way, if you do wish to invest in fashion and landed properties in Nigeria, please read more about Civest here, I am a sales representative for the company which operates in nigeria and beyond.

I am a business, beauty heath and it consultant.  Please contact me if you are interested in working with me. I write short story books and make beautiful pictures

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Top Items You Need For Your Trip to London 2021!

Hello my beautiful friends and family, how are you? I hope you all are doing well. There are five top items you need to travel with to London.

Are you preparing for an examination in London, do you need a study partner in London, a speech consultant, translator, or someone to help you with your application at any university in London or Scotland. London and scotland would be your best choice and place for your examination or for your Ph.D. study application.

1. Book an Airbnb accommodation or hotel in London. Cool Airbnb accommodation in Devan Street, Bradford, Picadilly, or close to Heathrow would be great. You can pay for Airbnb alone or you can pay for the Airbnb accommodation with a friend or with your brother sister, classmates, or mummy in case you plan to stay more than one week and you do not have a high income.

If you have enough money rent your own accommodation, or you may purchase the house, if you are very generous to allow your friends and family member to stay in the accommodation ( rented or newly bought ) accommodation for free for few days.

2. Book a flight from Amsterdam to London with klm, easy jet or a train with Euros star to london.

 3. Visit friends leaving in Bradford, Uxbridge, Picadilly, Victoria London. You can also visit friends and family in Edinburgh or Dundee in Scotland.  You can use your Dutch bank card for contactless payment. A Bank card within, ABN Ambro Rabo bank or with asn bank would be great. Or you can get a money card from the London Post office.

4. Stay in a nice hotel such as citizen m hotel London,  madmaison in London best western view, ibis hotel, Novotel in London.

 I for instance used to have some friends whom came from london to rotterdam few years ago  we wrote a nice project together on how to start an icecream brand.  when I was studying at in holland University and Rotterdam University of applied sciences


Then i used to travel by train then ns train, then I was pregnant with my second son then and was studying most time at home, that was in the year 2013,  fabulous year. I had a very nice support group whom supported me then, by the way i would like to use this opprtunity to sayn i am grateful to my lecturers whom came to my home then to coach me and my girlfriend whom drove from leiden to come and take good care of me after giving birth to my second baby.

If you are living in the Netherlands and have made some new friends in London via Facebook, you have not visited or can not visit immediately because you are taking care of your loved ones such as your mummy, daddy, and children, whenever your child or mummy or daddy is on holiday, please make out time to go and visit your friends in London.

Make sure you look nice when visiting your friend in London, you can wear a nice perfume from a channel, shoes from shabby, a nice jacket from Vero Moda, a nice Marlies  Dekker lingerie, nice makeup from ysl, channel, Dior foundation, mac powder, mac eyeshadow, mac eyeliner, blush from macor blush from Dior and nail polish from OPI. Boots or superdrugs such are cool shops for shopping for cosmetics in london. You shop for nice food at tesco, mark and spencer, or at sainbury in london . A nice body lotion from Biotherm would be great and body oil from bio-oil would be awesome to maintain a nice even skin and prevent discoloration, stretchmark and create an even-toned body. 

When you have finished visiting your girlfriend, male friend, alumni friend in London, please do go back to the Airbnb accommodation you Paid for, please do not keep late night or sleep out.

When i was in middelburg, i had some friends whom came from london and rotterdam to visit me at my home then, we had so much fun, my friends whom came from london were very happy with my house and admired the house. I was told i am very lucky to have had the opportunity to have gotten such a beautiful home, the men was well spoken and very handsome, we all sat down together in the living room and had a very nice chat. 

If you eventually get pregnant in London during your visit, whenever you travel back to the Netherlands, please make sure you visit your doctor. In case you have given birth once, twice or three times with a cesarean section there is a possibility that your doctor might advise you regarding giving birth to your fourth baby or fifth baby with a Cesarean section. Please visit the doctor in Middelburg or Rotterdam, Amsterdam whichever city you lived in with your husband. If you do not have a husband or partner to visit the doctor with, please visit your doctor and discuss the best solutions and options.

Are you planning to participate in a beauty pageant, host a birthday party, write an examination to become a doctor or a lawyer or to become a master’s student, i do recommend you go to London. In the year 2012, i participated in a beauty pageant, which took place in denhaag, alot of friends and family came from london for the beauty pageant, travelling with ns is absolutely great from London to The Netherlnds.

Always take your hospital card with you when you travel from the Netherlands to London.

 If you do eventually decide to keep your baby, please make sure you agree to keep your baby with your officially married husband, partner. If both have agreed to keep your baby, both partners should shop for nice baby clothes at prenatal, furniture’s from a baby dump, nice cosmetics to prevent stretch marks on the mummy belly and so on, nice warm accommodation for mummy and daddy and Offcourse  nice nutritional food from the supermarket such as Lidl shop rite. nice baby wagon, baby bed, baby cloths, for your newly born baby.

I do remember vividly, I was in London in February 2019, I went to the court in Middelburg, I was supposed to travel on Thursday, I could not travel because I had to attend a court hearing, after the court case, my lawyer dropped me off at my home in Middelburg and then after I traveled to London by flight, I believe I flew with easy jet to London in February 2019. I really had so much fun at the Airbnb accommodation. the two men that hosted me then were fabulous. they provided me with nice clean towels. I used the towels to wipe my body after taking my shower, I also lay down in the nice bed provided at the Airbnb accommodation at devon road London close to Bradford in February 2019.

We sat down together in the living room, watched a tv program by RuPaul, I really enjoyed the company of the men in London who were the host for the Airbnb accommodation.  then the next day, I traveled to visit my friend. In the airbnb accommodation, during the first night, three men and one woman, that is me, slept in the house. 

Please when giving birth to your baby, if you need to give birth with cesarean section, please do not go to the theater alone, make sure that your mummy, daddy, and sister is with you, during cesarean section delivery, there is a chance that your Tommy will be cut open, you might lose a lot of blood, be unconscious and lay in a hospital bed for weeks. Make sure you have some great parents taking care of your toddler if you have toddler 7 or 9 years old and you are about to enter the theater for operation, make sure you have mummy daddy or a voluntary parent taking care of your children because if you are in the theater before and after cesarean section, u might not be able to take care of your children alone. You might need at least 2 weeks of operation.

If you have done a cesarean section twice, you might need to practice abstinence. Please speak to your doctor as well in this regard.

All in all, i do recommend you travel to london, please stay in an airbnb accomodation or at a student flat when you do so.

 When I was studying at the University of Dundee, I really had fun, i like the student accommodation I shared the two toilets and bathrooms with two ladies, I truly loved it. London is a fabulous great city to visit.

I hope you are inspired.

Thank you so much for reading my blog


Ekene Patience


Ekene Patience

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June/July 2021 Favourites

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you all are doing well. I am very happy to share with you my current favourite items this month of July slash June 2021.

  1. Dior foundation
  2. Timberland shoes
  3. Mascara and lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury
  4. T shirt from Hawes & Curtis
  5. Rituals shampoo, body wash and cream
  6. English food from tesco
  7. Relaxing
  8. Underwear from Calvin klein
  9. Too faced eyeshadow

I have been using these above-mentioned items for many years. I do like their brands, for example, Dior has a nice foundation, aside from foundation, Dior has lipsticks, perfume and eyeshadow. I truly like the quality of the items. Too Faced eyeshadow is my current favourite eyeshadow brand. Aside from Too Faced eyeshadow, I also like Urban decay eyeshadow and Jefreestar eyeshadow very much!

Tesco is a supermarket in England. Tesco has really nice food and great customer service. Ritual cosmetics are really nice, love the scent, the texture of the body and also the Rituals shampoo is awesome for hair wash. Aside from Tesco food, I do like Mark and spencer food and Sainsbury.

I also recommend chilling. You may visit cool hotels such as Radisson blu , Hilton, Ibis, Sheraton hotel to relax. You may want to find a nice location to travel to and relax, Sunweb, Kes and so many other travelling agency can help you choose a nice travel location.





Top Telecommunication Companies!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you all are doing well! Today I am going to share with you top telecommunication companies.


2. Glo

3. Airtel

4 Lebera

5 Lycamobile

6. Kpn

8 Telfort

9 Bel simpel

10 three

11 vodaphone

These above-mentioned telecommunication companies offer sim cards for calls and internet browsing. You may buy a sim card of Lebara and Lycamobile from the shops in The Netherlands. You may buy the simcard of kpn from kpn shop in rotterdam zuidplein.

I started using the sim card of mtn a very long time ago, fifteen years ago, when I was studying at Anambra state university of applied sciences, I used to use mtn network, I also had some friends working at mtn office at Asaba. Whenever i had issues with loading my credit on my phone then , my friends then working with mtn used to help me at Asaba with so much joy. I have also used belsimpel sim card in The Netherlands in the year 2017.

This year 2021, if you do want to get a sim card from mtn or glo, it is very easy, all you have to do is go to any mtn office near you, there is a glo office at Shoprite Lekki Lagos, opposite Lagoon shopping mall, you need to get a nin number, take a nice picture, that’s it! After wards, you shall receive a nice sim card.

Saka Tinubu and Tekno cells really nice phone in Lagos Nigeria for your new simcard. You may want to buy a nice phone online from Jumia or from Konga. If you are living in The Uk,  you may want to shop with any samsung or three shop for a decent phone. if you do want to  fix your sim card in your phone and can not fix it all by your self, you need to ask the helpof any of the customer care of these above companies to help you!

If you have finally acquired your simcard and phone, the next process is to start downloading your preferred app such as facebook, tiktok, instagram, youtube, whatsapp, bolt, uber, and twitter.

Thank you so much for reading my blog


Ekene Patience





Health Consultancy Ideas 2021!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you all are doing fine. Today, I am going to share with u health consultancy ideas for the year 2021. These tips is applicable for national and international companies, self-employed individuals,  doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, professors and students. 

1. Do not be in a house or sleep in a freshly painted house. For example,  If you are working in a hospital as a receptionist, and the hospital is being painted, please evacuate the building.

2 Avoid eating late at night, if you start feeling any severe intensive pain in your stomach or experience any unpleasant feeling and need anti biotics orhave conducted a pregnncy test, read negative and not sure if you are pregnant and yet the intensive abdominal pain still persist, , please to a very close and trusted friend or visit your doctor immediately for a proper check-up. Top hospitals you can visit are georges memorial hospital, admiralty ruyte ziekenhuis, doren clinic, reddington hosptal and vu amsterdam. if you are pregnant and have done caerserean section operation multiple times during chird birth, please speak to your doctor for best advice.

Please bear in mind, if you are visiting these above-mentioned hospitals for the first time, you need to buy a card before you can speak to a doctor, that means, you have to be a registered patient in any of these above-mentioned hospital. , you also need to have enough money in your wallet for your transport for going and coming back from your house. you also need a health insurance card if you want to visit these hospitals abroad. Please before going to a hospital for a self check-up, blood test and so on, please make sure you eat properly and gave taken good quality vitamins you can buy at med plus so that you will have enough energy.

If you are a mummy and wish to give birth in any of this hospital, please do visit the hospitals first and make enquiries and do request for the exact amount they do charge for giving birth because the normal birth delivery price is different from the caesarian section price.

3. Sleep at least for eight hours every day

4. Eat healthy meals

5 use cool cosmetics for your skincare  regime

6 wear clean cloths 

7. Listen to good music that would help you relax

8. Travel often

9. Please declutter your room. 

10. Use cool multivitamin. You can buy cool multivitamin from benu apothek or from med plus

11. Drink a lot of water and cranberry multivitamin.

I am not a doctor but a biochemist. During my biochemistry studies, I learnt good food and multivitamins Re great for your health. 

P.s. if you are a Nigerian pregnant woman living abroad and allergic to some medicines abroad, please contact the local pharmacy from the shop you come from to seek advice.

Thank you for reading my blog.

If you do know great health cosultancy tips for the year 2021, please kindly shre with me, i would love to learn from you


Ekene Patience













May 2021 Favourites!


Hello, my beautiful friends! How are you? I hope you all are doing well! Today, I am going to share with you some cool items and activities I like very much in the month of May 2021! The month of May is a very special month for me. It brings back great memories! I am very happy with;

  1. The headset of VR-i
  2. Rituals cosmetics
  3. My USB stick containing my lovely pictures, videos and short storybook
  4. I have been doing some cool shout out to some amazing companies
  5. Writing my short story book, coaching persons about dropshipping and affiliate marketing
  6. My love dresses from femme luxe
  7. Travelling and spending quality time with friends and family! By the way, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Brussels, Antwerpen,  Gent, Brugge, Middelburg are my favourite cities in The Netherlands and Belgium.
  8. Listening to some cool audiobook from audibles
  9. reading and observing my time

It is very important to take care of yourself, eat properly, look good, wear clean clothes, travel, write, work hard, relax often and have fun, as the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

I have written three short storybooks, the shy model, the African girl in holland and the tulip flower. I saved these books in a word document, copied and paste it on a USB stick and distributes it. I love writing and reading. I have received great feedback from you guys!  I would like to use this opportunity to thank each and every one of you that has purchased my USB stick containing my lovely pictures in lovely outfits,  my online short storybook, and for your donations. I truly appreciate you all so much!

Thank you!


Ekene Patience

p.s. I offer basic dutch and English lessons, if you are interested in learning simple English and the Dutch language, please contact me!

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Items For Perfect Self care 2021!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you all are doing fine! Today, I am going to share with you items for perfect self-care in the year 2021. Are you a mummy? daddy? wife, Mother? These items below would enable you to look and feel fabulous in the year 2021!

  1. Cosmetics from Rituals
  2. Lovely perfume from Dior
  3. Delicious meals from thuisbezorgd. Please avoid ingesting food or drinks that are detrimental to your health.
  4. Clean cloths, you may visit a nice laundry and dry cleaning company such as cleanace in Lagos Nigeria
  5. Nice hair salon in Nigeria
  6. Take a nice flight with Aero Contractors, Arik or with KLM to Seychelles, Maldive, Creta,  India, munich, , paris, Thailand, or to Instabul. and stay in a nice hotel such as Sheraton, Bluestar or at Eko hotel, stay in a nice accommodation provided by Airbnb or book a nice hotel.
  7. Train your brain, start a nice PhD, masters degree with Erasmus university or the University of Dundee today!
  8. Buy a nice camera with media markt today and become a top fun photographer!
  9. Have fun!

I hope these tips and ideas were helpful! Please do share with me how you tend to indulge in self-care activities in the year 2021, what kind of perfumes or cosmetics do you use, clothing,  recreational activities and more, I would love to learn from you!

p.s. I have been using rituals skin care items for many years now, I do like the shower foam alot, it smeels really nice, i like the fct that rituals has so many flvour, the green, orange, gold, white shower foam, the ritual shower foam is a great product for give aways, for birth day party celebrants and more! by the way, happy birthday to all my friends nd family that recently celebrated their birthday! I wish you all lot of  joy.


Ekene Patience

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April/May Favourites 2021

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you all are doing great! 26th of April was my birthday! I had so much fun, I received a lot of great wishes and some presents from my amazing friends and family! I would like to use this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your love and support. A few years ago, I travelled to Paris then for my birthday. This year, i decided to celebrate my birthday in The Netherlands. The birthday celebration has been an amazing and great experience. Below, are some of my April and May Favourites 2021!

  1. A nice dress from Femme Luxe, boohoo, and a headset from
  2. Visiting great cities such as Vlissingen, Rotterdam, Breda, Amsterdam, Rosendaal and so on
  3. Nice Dior perfume
  4. Nice hair
  5. Lovely too faced makeup
  6. Nice sleeping gown from Hunke Moller
  7. Nice food from Jumbo or from Albert heijn
  8. A nice birthday card from my friends
  9. Creating music
  10. Writing short story books
  11. Freelance jobs

Are you living in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Bred, Rosendaal, Utrecht, Den Haag and other fabulous cities in The Netherlands, you may want to celebrate your birthday at great hotels such as Sheraton hotel, Hilton hotel, best western view hotel, tulip hotel,  Marriot hotel Rotterdam,  Van der Valk hotel, Fletchers hotels in these above-mentioned cities. You may want to indulge in some cool activities by going to the cinema, the shopping mall in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other cities.

Over a decade ago, I celebrated my birthday at Eko hotel Lagos Nigeria. I had so much fun then. I used the gymnastics, swimming pool, ate a very nice breakfast. I do recommend you celebrate your birthday in Nigeria, The Netherlands and Paris, these mentioned cities are my favourite cities for celebrating my birthday. Are you a very loving husband or wife or would you like to give your daughter, son or friend a nice gift? you can give your husband or your wife a nice car from Van vliet, dilly motors lagos nigeria,  Germaine cars   a nice home from rotvast as a birthday day present, that would really be nice.

My angels, please do share with me how you tend to celebrate your birthday, the activities you do indulge in, here you visit, how you spend time with yourself and your family, attain and achieve tranquility and peace in your life, i would love to learn from you.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. Please like, comment and share













Styling Ideas 2021!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family. How are you? I hope you all are doing fine. I love to dress up and look very nice. I like to wear long hair, nice dresses, nice makeup, a nice manicure,  jeans trousers, good shoes, a good winter jacket and more!

Are you a mummy? Would you like to achieve nice even skin and need t0 to know the best outfits to wear before and after pregnancy?  prevent stretch mark, achieve flat-looking, Tommy,  look more fabulous before and after delivery,  recover properly especially if you had caesarean section tips, by the way, mummies, rest very often so you do recover very fast after caesarean section or any male or female that has recently done an operation.  According to research, mummies need two to three years to recover after a caesarian section before the injury would be completely healed. this advice would be helpful. My male readers may find these advice also relevant.

1. Wear a nice pair of jeans and a shirt from g star, Tommy Hilfiger or a nice Levi jeans

2. Wear a nice shirt from femme luxe

3. Wear a nice headset from VR-i and a nice school bag from

4. Travel with a nice samsonite box

5. Wear a nice bag from o bag, Michael Kors, Dior and so on

6 Wear a nice wig from fabulous beauties fashion

7. Prenatal also have lovely outfits for mummies

8. Wear nice shoes from shabbies

9. ear a nice hair from Luxy hair.

10. Travel with ns

11. Stay in nice hotels such as Eko hotel or Sheraton hotel.

1, Buy some nice food via uber, deliveroo or in a nice restaurant


It is very important you wash your self with nice soap from dove and Nivea and with a nice shampoo from Garnier. If you do wash your self with a nice soap from dove and with a nice hair shampoo from andrelon,  your hair will scent very nice. also, use a nice deodorant from dove. Please avoid spoiling your expensive dresses and jeans with makeup, soap, oil or with dust.

Please use clean water to take your bath. Avoid cleaning your body with discoloured water it can damage the skin.

Also, use sunscreen on your face after taking your bath.

I hope these tips inspired you. Thank you so much for reading my blog.


Ekene Patience

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SEO and Seo Consultancy 2021!

Hello my beautiful friends and family, how are you today?  I hope you all are doing fine. Today, I am going to share with you an awesome idea on how to improve your SEO and sea of a website. Seo stands for search engine optimization, sea stands for search engine advertising.

In order to become more visible online, SEO and sea are very important. For example, If Miint the fashion brand wants to earn more customers in the Netherlands and beyond, Miint needs to advertise more often on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Marktplaat, Gumtree, and more.

Another great example is VR-i.  In order for the company to earn more customers, create awareness, VR-i practices SEO. Vr-i does ask vloggers, bloggers to promote their brand on their website, make nice pictures with their brand, by so doing, the company tends to achieve a higher number of sales.

By the way, I am a sales representative and one of the company’s brand ambassadors. I have helped VR-i to promote headsets, cameras, power banks.

I have written several articles on my blog and made youtube videos promoting brands. Vr-i headsets and other gadgets can be found on

The second example of a company that practices great SEO and sea is Femme Luxe. Femme luxe is an international brand in the united kingdom and America. I have been promoting items for the company for many years. Femme Luxe offers nice dresses, shoes, accessories, and more for females.  The company has sent me more than thirty dresses and other outfits to review for them, I can keep the lovely outfits after review. The company’s business model is brilliant, by so doing, the company creates awareness. creating awesome engagement and  publicity in Europe.


I am the CEO and founder of fab beauties, I improve SEO and sea of my company’s website by creating youtube videos, tutorials, blogging, making nice pictures, sharing them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I  promote and share the goods and services of other companies on my affiliate website. I also indulge in advertising and promotional activities online.

I am a model, business, it, health consultant in The Netherlands. Please contact me if you do need my services


Ekene Patience

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