High Demand For martenal Mobile Hospital In Nigeria!!!

Hello angels!!! Today’s blog post was inspired by one of my blog reader, thank you for your inspiration. It is a bit off the makeup, fashion video I love making for you all. I am going to introduce you to the enormous demand for martenal mobile hospital in Nigeria. As a Nigerian and Dutch, I can tell you there is a huge different between the health care system in Europe and in Africa especially in the rural areas of Nigeria. I would be very happy if there are enough mobile hospitals in Nigeria such as the Northern part of the country, to help women whom wants to give birth to be able to access great healthcare facilities.

During my final year study at the University in The Netherlands, I conducted a research on export of maternal mobile hospital to Nigeria, I called over 100 hospitals in NWSE of the country, the findings of the research was that there is high demand for mobile hospitals, medical equipment in the country. There is also high mortality rate for pregnant women in rural areas of Nigeria.  European countries such as The Netherlands, Germany, Scotland, England has top notch medical supplies. Nigerian government could collaborate with companies such as Philips, Lamboe in The netherlands, Jacaranda Trading B.V. for hospital equiptment  supplies!

I hope this post inspires you!

I love you!


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