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Hello Lovelies, Allow me to introduce you to VanVliet Trucks in The Netherlands. VanVliet Trucks suppies trucks,trailers, generators, automobiles worldwide!

Their sister company is called Jacaranda Trading B.V. located in Rotterdam In The Netherlands. I had the prestigious opportunity to write my thesis on Export of mobile hospital trailers to Nigeria for the company for Jacaranda Trading.

Jacaranda Trading B.V. is a Dutch company that specializes in export of mobile hospital trailers to African countries. The company has been in existence for more than 15 years. The sister company is Van Vliet trucks B.V. which has been operational for more than six decades. Few years ago Jacaranda Trading B.V, exported four mobile hospital trailers to Congo and two mobile hospital trailers to Sierra Leone.

The company also export other goods and services such as trucks, generators, aeroplanes and medical equipment to African countries such as Ghana, Liberia and Togo. Most of their customers are derived from direct marketing and referrals from their sister company Van Vliet Trucks B.V. The Ceo of the company is Mr. Nol van Vliet. Jacaranda trading B.V. is located in Rotterdam at Lichtenauerlaan 102-120 3062 ME Rotterdam. The company has currently ten staffs and employ’s external contractors for projects such as refurbishing mobile hospital trailers. Luxury cars can be found here

 Please do contact me if you need any advice or great discount on any of their goods and services.




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