Falling down is how we grow! Staying down is how we die! Brian Vasily.

It weekend today, I have been busy for the past two hours creating these amazing shoot with a very professional photographer from Belgium who came to my home to shoot me. I have been modelling for more than 13 ears, and love love creating images. Every image is unique and has a great element to it. I wore three outfits during my shoot. My tips for you as an upcoming model is to make sure you have your hair and makeup well done and be prepared before a shoot. Make sure you have all your dresses, outfit , shoes ready too. The photographer gave me great compliment today about how groomed my skin is, well thanks to the beauty school I went in The Netherlands where I earned my diplomas in skin care, Make-Up cosmetics and Perfume. I am glad I have done the training because now, I can happily don my makeup during my photo session and have a clean skin which is appealing to the camera.

Thanks for reading! I hope these lovely pictures inspires you!

Thanks Bob for the amazing pictures!


Ekene Patience

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