Pros And Cons Of Living In The Netherlands and Nigeria!

Hello sugar! Compliment of the season, I hope you all are doing fantastic!

Well , am so pleased to share with you the pros and cons of living in The Netherlands and in Nigeria. Here they are:


Pros of Living in The Netherlands

1.      The Netherlands is an European country with great health care system.

2.      The Netherlands, with capital Amsterdam is very famous, a great destination for many, worldwide for holidays.

3.      The people are friendly.

4.      There are so many varieties of delicious cheese.

5.      I love riding bike, the people in Holland does too.

6.      Access to the canals!

7.      The economy in The Netherlands is booming and growing, due to brexit, a lot of companies are making their head office to be in The Netherlands in cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam etc….

8.      Access to quality education.



1.      The weather is sometimes so cold!

2.      The mother language is Dutch, and not everyone can speak Dutch language. I love the Dutch language but a lot of foreigners do not have a befitting job due to the fact that they do not speak Dutch

Pros of Living in Nigeria

1.      Friendly people

2.       Rich in oil and culture

3.      Easy access to other African countries especially the (ECOWAS) economic of the west African states

4.      Access to great education, you get English as a basic language.


1.       The health care is not as advanced compared to other African countries, access to healthy food such as fruits and vegetables in Europe is quite challenging. Although super market such as ShopRite in Nigeria is doing a great job.

2.      Too many wild animals.

3.      In some cities, its quite dangerous to walk on the street at night

Please do share with me your thought in regards to this topic.

Do enjoy the pctures below I took in Nigeria and The Netherlands


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