Top Christmas Gift Ideas!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you all are doing well! Christmas is fast approaching, we all want to eat well, look good and offer great presents for Christmas. This blog post is meant to inspire you on cool gift items idea

Below are some cool items you can get for your self or for your loved one as a present

  1. Headset from
  2. A nice dress from Shein, boohoo or femme luxe
  3. A nice manicure and pedicure by me
  4. Lovely jewelry from Swarovski
  5. A nice perfume from Douglas or Ici Paris
  6. A nice winter  jacket and clothing from Esprit
  7. A nice painting or postcard made by me
  8. A nice hotel room in Amadore, Van der Valk or Fletchers Hotel

Christmas is an awesome time of the year, it is important to spend quality time with friends and family! In The Netherlands, you can purchase delicious food, turkey from Albert heijn or from Jumbo. I have spent several Christmas seasons in The Netherlands. For example, In Rotterdam, there are always fireworks close to the Erasmus bridge, people usually gather together and watch the beautiful fireworks.


I have been asked very often, what are my intentions? why do I create lots of pictures, videos, and write often? The main reasons why I write on my blog, create my very own contents such as videos, pictures, paintings and more is to have my own digital marketing items for promoting my own goods and services and also goods and services of others. I earned my master’s degree in Marketing and management, I do utilize and apply the knowledge I acquired during my studies on my online activities. I am also very thankful to all my teachers, friends, family, readers for investing your time and energy in supporting and encouraging me to keep writing on this blog and also on my digital book.

My angels, what kind of gift do you give away as a gift during the Christmas period, how do you spend your Xmas, do you visit your friends and family, do you visit cool hotels such as Amadore, Van der Valk or Fletchers hotel? do you watch fireworks in cool cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam or in The United kingdom, please do share with me? I am still contemplating where to shop for my Xmas outfit for this year

Thank you so much for reading my blog!


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