Throwback Beauty Pictures!!!

Hi muffins, I hope you all are doing great! Here are some pictures to inspire you how to do your makeup and styling! These pictures were taken few years ago during my photosession in The Netherlands. These pictures were shoot in zeeland in The Netherlands by a dutch famous photographer!!!

By the way, I have been asked by my friends especially from Nigeria to teach them dutch. Ik spreek goed Nederlandse! leuk he! (just wrote in dutch yeeh)

I have also been asked alot to create my videos in dutch. I have given most of my  non- dutch friends coaching on how to learn the dutch language fast, my tips includes the folowing – read dutch books, newspaper, watch dutch television programmes, leaning from YouTube and so on.

I find learning new languages fun, I do love to learn spanish and italian languages as well.

Wishing you all a great weekend!!!


Ekene Patience


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