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How To Have Fun In Zeeland!

Hello my beautiful friends and family, how are you? I hope you all are doing well. Today , i am going to share with you seven top ways to have fun in Zeeland in my opinion.

Zeeland is a province in The Netherlands.


1. Visit and lodge  Van der Valk hotels Middelburg

2. Visit and lodge at Fletchers hotel Vlissingen

3. Eat and dine at restaurant scherp middelburg

4. Visit de boulevard Vlissengen

5. Stay at a nice roompot  vacation home in goes middelburg

6. Shop for nice skin care items at holland and barret middelburg

7. Shop for gadgets at Bcc electronics


Van der Valk is a great hotel for spending time with friends and family.


Van der valk also have a nice hotel in Amsterdam dordrecht, Middelburg and Goes where you can eat and dine with your loved ones. The staffs of van der valk hotel are kind, respectful and very hardworking. I have been to van der valk hotel with friends and family. I like their service.


Please find more information about van der valk hotel here on my website


I hope this blog post inspired you! Please do visit these above mentioned exciting places in zeeland with your family.





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5 Top Activities To Indulge in Zeeland 2021

Hello my beautiful friends and family, how are you today ? I hope you all are doing well. Today, I am going to share with you top activities you can indulge in zeeland:

1. Have a nice rest at hotel Nieuwe Doelen or at  Fletcher hotel in The Netherlands.

2. Go for a nice work at the strand or at the boulevard  vlissingen.

3. Have a nice breakfast at van der valk hotel in middelburg.

4. Buy your delicious food at cool supermarket such as jumbo in middelburg or vlissingen

5. Read a nice book written by me Ekene on my website here

Aside from Zeeland, there are other cities you can have fun such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and at denhaag. The train from Rotterdam travels from Rotterdam to Zeeland. So you can travel by train or by car. The name of dutch trains is called ns. Aside from travelling from rotterdam to zeeland, the dutch train trains also travels from Amsterdam  to zeeland.

I hope you enjoyed reading blog

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Ekene Patience



Ekene Patience

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How To Build A Very Loving And United Family!

Hello my beautiful friends and family, how are you? I hope you all are doing well. Today i am going to share with you how to build a very loving and united family. This blog post advice is mainly for men and women whom wish to make their loved one happier .

1. Men, be nice to your wife or your spouse. Buy her nice cars, cloths and shoes. If she has children for you, please help her with suitable skincare items for her skin type to help her skin and her entire body structure and texture to return back to the initial stage before pregnancy.
2. Eat together every night on the table
3. Sleep with her every night on the same bed
4 buy her nice presents
5. Give your wife nice compliments
6. Make sure you are always available for her, help her make great decisions, protect her.
7. Touch and caress your wife gently on her hair, shoulder and make her feel good
8. Always attend important functions with your wife such as marriages , birth day parties
9. Lodge in a nice hotel such as Arion Fletchers Hotel  Vlissingen from time to time with your wife and rent a nice hotel with jacussi so that she can relax very well.

10. Make sure you rent a nice hotel with a bath tub if she has recently experienced c – section so that her injury would heal

11. Please forgive and forget any grievances  your wife when she offends you

12. Please tell her the truth, if you do not have enough money to support her with cloths, shoes, makeup, dresses, hair extensions, perfume, flight tickets, school fees, please discuss with her first before marriage.

13, Give  love to each other and care for each other.

14. Respect each other’s lifestyle and privacy you too

15. Maintain good relationship with your own immediate brothers, sisters, brother in law, sister in law, parent and make sure that they love and respect you both too . Call and see your entire family at least every week in order to strengthen the bond as brothers and sisters and as daughters and son to each other.

16. Make her understand the reasons and essence of a good wife.

Marriage is a beautiful thing. Men married or in a very relationship or living with their wife to be at home men please take good care of her and make her feel special,

17  Men please introduce your wife or wife to be to your mummy daddy friends kinsmen etc. Men make sure your wife knows your home address and also the address of their future grand mummy and daddy and maintain a nice cordial relationship with each other. Men, call your mother inlay and father in law regularly, women do the same too and try to maintain great relationship with your parent too.

18. Have fun

19. Wives, before your husband goes to work in the morning, make sure he has had a nice decent breakfast help him to observe quiet morning meditation and peaceful morning routine before he leaves for work. Please avoid picking up unnecessary arguments with him!

Thank you so much for reading my blog!


Ekene Patience

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April/May Favourites 2021

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you all are doing great! 26th of April was my birthday! I had so much fun, I received a lot of great wishes and some presents from my amazing friends and family! I would like to use this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your love and support. A few years ago, I travelled to Paris then for my birthday. This year, i decided to celebrate my birthday in The Netherlands. The birthday celebration has been an amazing and great experience. Below, are some of my April and May Favourites 2021!

  1. A nice dress from Femme Luxe, boohoo, and a headset from
  2. Visiting great cities such as Vlissingen, Rotterdam, Breda, Amsterdam, Rosendaal and so on
  3. Nice Dior perfume
  4. Nice hair
  5. Lovely too faced makeup
  6. Nice sleeping gown from Hunke Moller
  7. Nice food from Jumbo or from Albert heijn
  8. A nice birthday card from my friends
  9. Creating music
  10. Writing short story books
  11. Freelance jobs

Are you living in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Bred, Rosendaal, Utrecht, Den Haag and other fabulous cities in The Netherlands, you may want to celebrate your birthday at great hotels such as Sheraton hotel, Hilton hotel, best western view hotel, tulip hotel,  Marriot hotel Rotterdam,  Van der Valk hotel, Fletchers hotels in these above-mentioned cities. You may want to indulge in some cool activities by going to the cinema, the shopping mall in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other cities.

Over a decade ago, I celebrated my birthday at Eko hotel Lagos Nigeria. I had so much fun then. I used the gymnastics, swimming pool, ate a very nice breakfast. I do recommend you celebrate your birthday in Nigeria, The Netherlands and Paris, these mentioned cities are my favourite cities for celebrating my birthday. Are you a very loving husband or wife or would you like to give your daughter, son or friend a nice gift? you can give your husband or your wife a nice car from Van vliet, dilly motors lagos nigeria,  Germaine cars   a nice home from rotvast as a birthday day present, that would really be nice.

My angels, please do share with me how you tend to celebrate your birthday, the activities you do indulge in, here you visit, how you spend time with yourself and your family, attain and achieve tranquility and peace in your life, i would love to learn from you.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. Please like, comment and share




















Cool Activities in Zeeland Summer 2020!

Hello my beautiful friends and family, How are you? I hope you all are doing well! Summer is here yuppiee! I am so happy, its summer days in the Netherlands.Summer period is awesome in Zeeland. People tend to hang out in teras, have a drink etc. I used to work in a cafe  about seven years ago in Middelburg, currently known as Markt cafe owned by the prestigious company Amadore. I was then at my very early stage of my pregnancy of my second son then. I was so happy then working for the company. I also bought a very lovely summer dress and green handbag then for a  wedding party at my girl friends shop then. Summer is fun in zeeland. You can  hang out in terasse, visit the bioscoop, go to the boulevard and so on.

Today, I am going t0 share with you great activities you can engage in indoors and outdoors in zeeland;

  1. Buy a nice cooling system by Media markt in Middelburg. An airco is very important because the temperature can be very warm, hign temperature may not be so comforting indoors
  2. Go to the stream, in dutch its called strand. You may want to visit the boulevard, or the amadore hotel wellness centre in Kamperland, I have been there, experienced it, it was terrific.
  3. Shop online or offline from cool shops such as Bomont, Open 32, De tuinen, Kruidvat, Hunkemoller, Ici Prijs in Middelburg
  4. Hang out with your kids at cool play ground or go for a swim. Goes has a nice swimming pool
  5. Enjoy a nice dinner at Van der Valk hotel in  Middelburg. Van der valk has awesome hotels almost in ll cities in The Netherlands. Few years ago, I attended an award  at an der valk in Almere, where prestigious personalities in Nigeria and europe attended such as Mr. Peter Obi, Bianca Ojukwu and many others. it was a great experience. The food at The van der valk hotel then in Almere was impecble! The occasion took plae in the 2014.

6. You can start a new studies such as digital marketing, learn how to build a website, webshop, advertise online and offline.

7. rent a holiday home at Roompot.

8.  Book a manicure and pedicure session with me. I am a beauty consultant, i have a diploma in skincare (verzorgen) makeup, perfume and cosmetics from the prestiogious beauty school known as Beauty partners in Rotterdam.

I am a digital marketing consultant in The Netherlands. Earned my master’s degree studies  inMarketing and Management from The University of Dundee  Scotland. If you need coaching onn digital marketing, advertising, seo and sea, developing your cv, please contact me.  I am a freelancer for cavazanni recruitment agency in Africa. If you do need update with your cv, please let me know.

Thank you so much for reading mu blog



Ekene Patience








My Favourite Restaurants In Zeeland

Hello my beautiful friends! Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you all are doing great!  Zeeland is a province in The Netherlands.  Cities such as Middelburg, Vlissingen, Goes are serene and has great places to visit. I live in Middelburg,  Middelburg has alot of peaceful and quiet places to live. Amadore restaurant is very famous, the food is so delicious. I have had the ample opportunity to work with Amadore hotels and restaurant. I have also worked at the Amadore wellness in Kamperland. The quality of service at Amadore restaurant is great. I have also worked with Van der Valk Restaurant and Fletchers hotels. The food in these above-mentioned hotels and restaurant is terrific.  Restaurant Scherp is also very famous in Middelburg. Oriental Garden is also a great restaurant you can order food from, in case you like aziatisch food.

A few years ago, I stayed in Sheraton hotel at Schipol airport, I truly enjoyed my stay, the food is terrific, the hotel also offers outstanding message to their guest,  I had a massage than in Sheraton Hotel at Schipol airport, I really enjoyed it. Whenever I go to cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam, I enjoy eating fast food from Julia. Julia meals are so delicious. I wish Julia restaurant or Smullers is in Zeeland. For almost a decade now I have been living in The Netherlands, I often buy my groceries from Emte, Netto Markt, Jumbo supermarket and cook, and often visit the above-mentioned restaurants with friends and family to dine and wine.

My beautiful friends, what are the names of your favorites restaurant in Zeeland in The Netherlands? Would you lie to wine and dine with me?  I would love to learn from you.

Thank you so much for reading!

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Van der Valk Hotel and Restaurant Middelburg












Fun Places To Visit In Zeeland!!

Hello, my angels! I hope you all are doing great! This is a highly requested blog post. Many of you have been asking me, Ekene where do you live? I do live in Zeeland in The Netherlands. A lot of persons think Zeeland is very quiet,  nothing much to do, just eat, sleep and relax kind of lifestyle. Well, I have got news for you guys! Zeeland is such a fun place to live. I truly love Zeeland. There are fun activities to indulge in such as

  1. Holidays at Roompot vacation home
  2. The Boulevard in Vlissingen
  3. Cinecity cinema in Vlissingen
  4. Mini Mundi for kids or Verlinden in Goes.
  5. Domburg strand
  6. Biking in the park
  7. Dining in awesome restaurants such as Van der Valk, Amadore and Fletchers!

For your accommodation, you may want to check out awesome hotels and vocational homes via and via air bnb.

I hope these tips inspire you. I highly recommend these hotels and restaurants I mentioned above, because I have had the ample opportunity to work with some of the brands mentioned above and also I have dined and wined with them too.

My lovelies, where do you hang out in Zeeland, I would love to learn from you

I love you so so much!


Ekene Patience

p.s. I and my sister manages Solite Global travels! If you do need help with hotel reservations or flight booking, Please contact me, I am at your service!

Thank you so much for reading!


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Hallo! Mijn naam is Ekene. Bent u opzoek naar ervaren kapster voor bij u Thuis?  Ik kan u Haar knipoem en zetten In model. Kleuren is ook mogelijke. Ik Knip dames, heren en kinderen

Happy weekend friends! xo @ekeneaart

Hallo! Mijn naam is Ekene. Bent u opzoek naar ervaren kapster voor bij u Thuis?Ik kan u Haar knipoem en zetten In model.Kleuren is ook mogelijke. Ik Knip dames, heren en


Awesome Tips On How To Take Care Of The Elderly!

Hello, my lovely angels! I hope you all are doing great. Our elderly parents whom may be eighty years and above are very delicate and they do require special care. My mother is currently sixty years plus and my dad too. I love my parent and miss them so so much and they both love me and my siblings very much!. As their child, I would do anything I can to make sure, they remain proud of me, in good health and feel loved. I have worked in Allevo and Elder in The Netherlands and United Kingdom respectively. During my working experience, I helped elderly men and women with their personal hygiene, home care, cleaning, gardening, groceries and more! The most common challenges experienced by the elderly is loneliness. In this blog post, I am going to share with you great tips on how to care for your loved ones.

  1. Be kind to your mummy and daddy, in respective of their age, color, education, exposure, please love and cherish them.
  2. Visit your elderly mum and dad as often as possible, your love, warmth, hug means a lot to them.
  3. Make out time to dine and wine with your parents. You may take them once in a while to their favorite restaurant for a great meal. Amadore, Bastion  and Fletchers hotels, and restaurants has amazing hotels and restaurants for dining
  4. Provide your aging mum and dad with health care tips
  5. The Netherlands has great facilities and home care. SVRZ in The Netherlands is great!
  6. Keep your eyes on their physical and mental abilities
  7. Help them out with legal, financial issues, bills payment and so on.
  8. You may ask them about their favorite meals and help them do their groceries online and have their groceries delivered to their doorstep.
  9. In The United Kingdom, NHS nurses usually visit the elderly at home whom cannot take care of themselves solely, in order to carry heck ups and find out if they do need help.
  10. Please avoid participating in act or behavior that might endanger their health, Our aging parent may have a history of chronic health diseases, bad attitude towards your parent may trigger a heart attack, high blood pressure and so many other health complications.

My great friends, I hope these tips inspired you!

How do you care for your elderly mummy and daddy my angels? Do you visit them often, do you hug them, do you call them often? I would love to learn from you!

I love you with all my heart.


Ekene Patience

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Hello my adorable friends! I hope you all are doing great. Here are some amazing websites to advertise your businesses in order to gain potential customers. Online and offline advertising is crucial for business to reach potential customers, like the sayi

Hello my adorable friends! I hope you all are doing great. Here are some amazing websites to advertise your businesses in order to gain potential customers. Online and offline advertising is crucial for business to reach potential customers, like the sayi



Hallo! Mijn naam is Ekene. Bent u opzoek naar ervaren kapster voor bij u Thuis?  Ik kan u Haar knipoem en zetten In model. Kleuren is ook mogelijke. Ik Knip dames, heren en kinderen


My Favourite Hotels In Netherlands!

Hello, my lovelies! I hope you all are doing well. Today’s blog post is meant to inspire you on some cool hotels in The Netherlands, especially for my international friends whom would like to visit Holland someday.

Hilton Hotel has branches in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other cities. Sheraton hotel at Schipol airport is great. I like Fletchers hotels too. Amadore hotels and restaurants in Zeeland are terrific. Last but not the least is the Novotel hotel. Beach hotel Domburg is also great for tourist.

You may want to use, Expedia or trivago for your hotel prices comparison. it is advisable to book a few days ahead in other to receive discounts.

My lovelies, which hotels do you like to lodge in when you go on holidays, I would love to learn from you.

Thank you all so much for all your love, inspirations, and kind words. I truly appreciate it!


Ekene Patience

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Hotels Rotterdam

Happy weekend my most adorable friends and family! I hope you all are doing great and pampering yourselves! Recently, I received a gift card from Douglas cosmetic shop in The Netherlands from one of my blog reader! I used it to buy some cool items such as

Hello my amazing friends! check out my fun shoots in The Netherlands!  wishing you all an amazing week! Stay fabulous!xo Ekene Patience #Red #Redlips #fashion #Beauty #Fashionmodel #Mua #Ze




Ekene Patience in 's- Gravenpolder



Special Healthcare Tips For You !

Hello family!!! Yes, I called you family because i regard my online community as family. Massage is very important because your muscles get inflamed after working out, getting a massage will help all the toxins in your body out . Massage helps to clean your body internally. I love to get massage on my hair, face, neck and that makes me feel very cool!

Manicure and Pedicure is also very important to make you look so fabulous, it is impotant to maintain your self very well. A nice hot bath will help you feel better and an awesome self care tip. Lush has really nice scented balms and stones for bath. You may also want to try out bath soap from Dr Kniep, you can get it from De tuinen or Kruidvat. Pamper your self by lodging in a very nice hotel with welness Once in  a while, at least once a month!

Spend quality time with your family,  visit cool restaurants such as Fletchers, Van Der valk, Hilton, Amadore, Sheraton hotels, there are also very affordable places to hang out such as mcdonald,kfc, burger king or a short quick picnic by th seaside.

It feels better when you hang out very often with your family and loved once at least every week, because it helps in bonding .

Thank you so much for reading!

How do you spend quality time with your loved ones?

I do love to learn from you.

I love you so much!


Ekene Patience


Hallo-familie !!! Ja, ik heb jullie familie genoemd, omdat ik mijn online gemeenschap als familie beschouw. Massage is erg belangrijk omdat je spieren ontstoken raken na het sporten. Een massage zal alle gifstoffen in je lichaam helpen. Massage helpt je lichaam intern te reinigen. Ik ben dol op massage van mijn haar, gezicht, nek en dat geeft me een heel goede gevoel!

Manicure en pedicure zijn ook erg belangrijk om je er zo fantastisch uit te laten zien, het is heel belangrijk  om je zelf heel goed te houden. Een lekker warm bad zal je helpen je beter te voelen en een geweldige zelfzorg tip. Lush heeft echt mooie geurende balsems en stenen voor in bad. Misschien wil je ook badzeep van Dr. Kniep uitproberen, je kunt het krijgen van De tuinen of Kruidvat. Soms moet je jezelf verwenen door in een heel mooi hotel met welness te verblijven. Af en toe, minstens één keer per maand!

Het voelt beter als je vaak met je familie rondhangt en er minstens één keer per week van houdt, omdat het helpt bij het verlijmen.

Bedankt veel voor het lezen!

Hoe breng je quality time door met je geliefden?

Ik hou zoveel van jullie!




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