Surviving Long-Haul Flight!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! I hope you all are doing great!  I was asked to share with you guys ideas on how to survive a long- haul trip. Travelling can be very exhausting especially if you do love travelling like me and visiting new places. These tips below would enable you to have a very nice less stressful flight. kindly shop for your flight tickets with Travelstart.

  1. Rest well before you go, wear comfortable clothes and shoes during your trip to the airport. Be mindful of the food you eat. Visit the proper restaurants for your meal
  2. pack your items properly, use separate bags for packing your cosmetics, makeup, clothes, shoes before putting them  in a box
  3. Take a camera with you so you can make beautiful pictures.
  4. Use wireless headphones during your trip.
  5. Pass the time, watch awesome movies provided by the aeroplane or listen to good music
  6. Make sure you have enough money with you for emergency purposes.
  7. Make sure you take your medication whenever you are travelling. For example, if you are travelling from Europe to Nigeria, you need to protect your self by using anti-malarial medicine. Some malaria medicine might be harmful to your health, so please seek advice from your pharmacist or doctor.
  8. Buy your flight tickets on time and reserve hotel rooms where you wish to live in. Make sure you have a valid visa on your passport and valid passport.
  9. Be friendly to the cabin crew.
  10. Try as much as possible to board an airline with a direct flight, connecting flights may take more of your time before you get to your destination. Airlines such as  KLM, Air-France usually has direct flights at affordable prices. You may want to use the services of Travelstart for purchasing your flight ticket.
  11. Buy good travelling bags for your trip
  12. Arrive fresh, brush your teeth, change your clothes or freshen up in the restroom at the airport!
  13. Have fun with your loved ones!
  14. You can use app such as uber, bolt to order taxi for siteseeing.

I hope these tips inspired you. Please do patronise Travelstart for your worldwide affordable flight tickets!

Thank you so much for reading my blog.


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Hello friends and family! Do you need solar panels or other goods and services from Europe? Please contact me +31633651998




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