Qualities of A Good Student!

Hello my beautiful friends and family! Thank you so much for visiting my site. Today, I am going to share with you top qualities of a good student.

Top qualities of a good student are;

  1. Be kind to your fellow student
  2. Be on time for lectures
  3. Read your books
  4. Do some research on the best schools before you start your studies
  5. Take your studies seriously
  6. Do your assignments on time
  7. Go to bed early
  8. Make friends and study together with your fellow students
  9. Buy text books for studies
  10. Eat properly, make sure you have some extra money on you if need be, you can buy some vitamins supplements.
  11. When you are writing your thesis, make sure you write it properly, a great thesis will enable you to pass and achieve your university degree.

Are you planning to study at Oxford university London, Cambridge, university of dundee, Erasmus university or at hogeschool Rotterdam, cool! You have done so well for your self! Please make sure you study well in order to excel.



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