Qualities Of A Good Manager

Hello my beautiful friends and family, How are you? I hope you all are doing well. Today I am going to share with you qualities of a good manager in my own opinion,

  1. A good manager has to be nice to their staff
  2. A good manager has to give good advice to their employees and their customer, a great customer service is very important in a working environment.
  3. A good manager has to set great example by providing all the tools their staff needs for their job, for example if you do have a restaurant, the manager of the restaurant has to provide apron, trays, uniform, mouth mask for their staffs if need be so that their staff can work effectively.
  4. A good manager has to continue to learn about great managerial skills.
  5. A good manager has to be sincere and motivate their colleagues
  6. A good manager has to create a nice and peaceful working environment for their staff and employees, please never make  your staffs to feel bad or insecure about their self and their abilities to deliver a great job.
  7. A good manager has to make sure their staffs are paid on time so that they can be very happy to work for you company.
  8. A good manager has to respect the culture, the environment, the privacy of their employees, their employees religion and more!
  9. A great manager has to provide  and pay for a proper accomodation for your staffs, for example, if you do have a business together such as an oil and gas company, a restaurant, a school or foundation, please provide a suitable accomodation for your staffs, so that your staff can work effectively, if you can not find an accomodation on time, please put your employees in a nice airbnb or hotel until you can provide a nice home or apartment for your employees.

I hope these tips inspired you. Please do share with me qualities of a good manager in your own opinion. Would you like to learn great managerial skills, please do start your masters or phd degree with university of Dundee or with university of Edinburgh.

Thank you so much for reading my blog


Ekene Patience





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