7 Top Fashion Brands!

Hello my beautiful friends and family, how are you today ? I hope you all are doing well.

There are seven fashion brands I admire a lot in this year 2021. I do recommend these fashion brands for students as well as employed  men and women in order to look more stylish and more fashionable this year 2021.

1. Tommy hilfiger

2. Michael kors

3. Giogio Armani


5. Armani

6.G star

7 Nike

Aside from these above mentioned brand of clothing, there are other fashion brands i like very much.

Trousers from the brand zara and levi are absolutely stunning

If you wish to have a nice wardrobe levi jeans and sweater is recommended and coperate wears from the brand zara is great.

Shoes from the brand Nike, Shabbies and Adidas is awesome for attending lectures.


I hope this blog post inspired you. If you do want to go for a shopping spree you should definitely go to instabul, london amsterdam and newyork. You surely would find these fashionable items there.


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