My Skills

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I have been asked severally by my friends, family and blog readers regarding what my skills are. Below is the list of activities I am good at:

  1. Reading
  2. Writing a blog, creating a business plan
  3. Mentoring
  4. photo model
  5. Painting
  6. Manicure, makeup, pedicure
  7. Good communication skills
  8. Virtual assistant
  9. I am a website designer and a blogger

I m very happily I have good communication skills. I earned my communication skills from several years of studying at the University n Nigeria, The Netherlands, and Scotland. Being self-employed has also enabled me to communicate effectively with potential customers. I have also mentored some students ar Rotterdam University of Applied sciences and during my master’s studies at the University of Dundee.

You may be able to earn good communication skills by reading books, listening to good audiobooks, from working and by a good mentor. My take home for you guys today is to be very mindful of the choice of a word you use at your workplace, towards your friends, family, clients. No matter how offended you feel, try to be more decent, polite and express your dissatisfaction in a more polite and matured manner.

Are you an entrepreneur or would you like to start a blog and write about, beauty, fashion, sports and more, if you need some coaching, please contact me.

Thank you dor reading my blog. I hope you are inspired



Ekene Patience


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Hi ya! I am a a photo model and a personal shopper in The Netherlands, I can help you shop for cloths, makeup,  cosmetics , electronics, flight tickets, hotel reservations,  please let  me  know if you  are interested.

Hello, I am a photoodel! Please contact me if you woud like to make lovely pictures of me. +313351998

Hello, I am a photoodel! Please contact me if you woud like to make lovely pictures of me. +313351998

My skills


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My skills

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