My Current Favourite Paintings!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you all doing today? I hope you are doing great. Painting is a great way to express one’s talent. Please find below some of my recent paintings. recently I ordered some cool canvas from Action supermarket and from Pipoos.

For some of my blog readers, friends, and family that wish to start painting. You may want to purchase your paint from Pipoos and Action supermarket. Painting is really exciting.  You need to sellotape the edges of your canvas before you start painting. Make sure you are very calm, relaxed, not bothered before you start painting. If you have worries, you may not be able to create a very nice paint. After painting, please leave the paint to dry.

Many of you have been asking me, how I get inspired to paint, where did I learn it from, how to market my painting, and so on

I taught myself how to paint, I also watch youtube videos. You can market your paintings by word of mouth, telling friends and family, social media, advertising online, and so on.

I  make and sell the painting, offer workshops too. Please contact me f you are interested to work with me. Are you a professional artist, would you like to coach me on how to create great paintings, please contact me


Ekene Patience

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