Aim, Mission & Vision

Aim, Mission & Vision


My aim is to make male, and females feel more fabulous and achieve greater lifestyle

My second aim is to help businesses to achieve brand recognition.

What do I mean by that?

I do mean to say that persons that visit my website regularly tend to remember the brands and memorize the brand names I have enlisted on my website.

Brand recognition is important for businesses because it helps customers to develop trust and eventually leads to sales.


My mission is to help businesses achieve more growth, brand recognition, rank higher on Google, create extra awareness, and also create digital presence for SMEs and multinationals.

How do I do so?

  1. By being creative in the sense that I design website, add companies/brands on the top pages of my websites, and e.g., chanel, gucci, roompot and so on advertising on Facebook, Zeelandnet, gumtree, and more.
  2. By writing contents and blog post regularly.
  3. By creating YouTube videos regularly, mentioning the selected brands on my websites and on my fabulous beauties often as my YouTube topics and chit chat videos.


My vision is that I am a photo model and a philanthropist.

Due to the fact that I have some experience as a photo model, and I have studied marketing and management.

I took the decision to invest my time to build websites, create blog, make use of my modelling photos and videos to help businesses worldwide that has high tendency to achieve attention and audience from my present followers and fans on social media and via face-to-face marketing. i earned my master’s degree from the prestigious university of Dundee Scotland. I also apply my working experience and knowledge i have acquired from companies I have worked for prior before developing my websites,, and more.

I also use my skills to market the goods and services enlisted on my website by Face-to-face marketing i.e., offline marketing.