7 top charity organisations in The Netherlands

Hello my beautiful friends and family, How are you? I hope you all are doing well.

There are seven top charity organisations in my own opinion;

1. Ramjsburg

2. Oxfam novib

3. Redcross


5. himalayanlife

6. Salvation army

7. Charity choice


These  seven charity organisations are very helpful to persons worldwide. These organisations has helped so many men and women in need.

Unicef is a great charity organisation Unicef and redcross has helped men, women, children world wide. The companies provides cars, food, clothes and more for persons.

Dorcas helps woman, men in need of food, clothes and makes sure that persons feeds properly, the company also accepts house hold items such as kitchen utensils, and are present in the united states of america.  I have done charity work for dorcas in The Netherlands and have helped with collecting food.  The company has helped thousands of women, new born and families world wide. Salvation army helps persons in need of food and clothes.

If you do have beautiful new clothes or used clothes, or wish to donate a car to redcross, unicef or oxfam novib,  please donate it to the above mentioned charity organisations.

Are you living in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, breda or in vlissingen please donate to these above mentioned  charity organisations.

Great companies in several african countries has helped the people in need by donating martenal mobile hospital sold my lamboo medicals

Thank you so much for reading my blog

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