7 Top Beauty Shops in Rotterdam and Skincare Advice!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family, how are you? I hope you all are doing well.

Today, i am going to share with you seven beauty shops in Rotterdam

1. The body shop

2. Kruidvat

3 Rituals

4. Lush

5. Etos

6. Ici parisxl

7. Douglas

These above-mentioned beauty shops sell great skincare items. In Lagos Nigeria, you can buy fabulous skincare products from Medplus. Medplus is a great pharmaceutical shop in several cities in Nigeria. Medplus is in Lagos Victoria Island, Lekki admiralty way, Asaba and several other cities in Nigeria.

I do recommend fair and while blue soap for all trying to achieve an even tone skin.

Rituals also has makeup line. You can buy perfumes from ritual shop. I have been to rituals shop severally in Rotterdam; I do like the red nail polish.  It is important to make your mummy, daddy, uncle, aunty, wife or close friend or family member very happy. In other to make someone you love so much very happy; you need to buy them a very nice ritual gift set. Ritual have very nice, sweet smelling shower gel, body spray, perfumes and more. You may be able to buy ritual products from Amazon.

I have been to the body shop in Goes Zeeland, The Netherlands. The body shop in Goes offers very nice skincare products, I do like the shampoo from the body shop, the banana flavor is my favorite.

I have had the ample opportunity to have used beauty products from Rituals, it was great. All men and women deserve beautiful well-kept skin.  Make sure you avoid harsh conditions that might be detrimental to your skin example, avoid sitting too long under the sun, wash your body properly and use nice skincare item from the above shops.

I hope this blog post inspired you

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