5 Ways To Make New Friends!!!

Hello muffins, I hope you all are doing great! when I was younger, I used to be an introvert and was very shy. Nowadays,a m very outgoing, I love making new friends and meeting new people. Angels, today I am going to share with you awesome ways to make new friends.

  1. Go to parties, attend events, communicate with people whom has alot in common with you. I for instance, I am a beauty consultant, I do makeup, manicure, pedicure and makeup, I enjoy hanging out in beauty salon, spa and so on.
  2. Make a habit of collecting peoples contact information when you do attend events, You may ask them to give you their whatsapp number. this act would enable you stay in touch and continue the friendship.
  3. Making your own plans is awesome, but if someone asks you to hang out, even better. If you get invited to do something, strongly consider going. I won’t tell you have to force yourself to say ‘yes’ to absolutely everything. Like if you’re certain you’ll dislike an activity, or it’s way outside your comfort zone, or that’s the only time you have to study for a big exam, it’s okay to decline. However, if you’re only a little unsure, give it a chance. Why turn down a free chance to get out there with people? When you’ve got more friends and different options competing for your time you can be more choosy. Be persitant , do not let people discourage you from making new friends. I would encourage you to attand events, go to parties, go for a spontanous excursion, book a hotel this would help you socialise more and reduce boredom.
  4. Staying in shape is an awesome way to be more positive in life. If you feel tired, out of shape, or sad, most of the time, making friends is going to be extremely difficult. Fortunately, there are plenty of simple things that you can do to increase your physical and emotional resources.Most people don’t realize just how disconnected from their bodies they have become until it is too late. Fitness after 50 is not about looking a certain way for other people. It is about having the energy and confidence to explore the world and make friends on your own terms. You do not really need to hit the gym everyday. Simple situps, pushups, rope skipping at home would give you the courage and ability to be more active.
  5. Be very open minded and accept others. Be certain that not everyone is perfect. Do accept others the way they are. Be in a hurry to forgive when you are offended by friends and family.

I hope these tips inspires you.

I love you.


Ekene Patience

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