My Favourite Summer Dresses and Painting 2020!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you all are doing great! Today, I am going to share with your favorite dresses and also my paintings. I have painted some diagrams on the canvas and also done some sketches. Some talented artist has sketched me too. I enjoy wearing nice dresses and also painting on canvas. Painting helps me to feel good!

I do like to shop for the paintings i use for my canvas from Pipoos. I buy the makeup items i use for my face from Douglas, iciparis or from drugstore shops in The Netherlands.

I usually use acrylic paint on a canvas. Please before you start painting, first you need to sketch the diagram you want to paint on a piece of paper, practice makes perfect. Make sure you sketch the diagram properly on a piece of paper before you draw it on a canvas. Action has really nice affordable canvas.  I like to buy nice colors of acrylic paints such as pink, brown, purple, green. These are nice colours to start basically.

Before painting, please soak the back of the canvas, make it nice and wet, before you start painting, that would help your painting look better, prevent the canvas to absolve your painting. Please search on youtube for inspiration.

If you do want to sell your painting, please create nice pictures and share you painting on Instagram, Facebook page, etsy, flickr, 500px, you may be able to sell your paintings on canvas on these sites. Please avoid using water on your painting.

I hope these photos inspire you to start painting today! Please adhere to the tips mentioned above, your painting would come out better if you practice these. Please subscribe to my youtube channel below.

Do you have a protruding stomach, would you like to make it look flat and more beautiful? Please massage your belly at least every fifteen-minute so that your belly will become flat. Please message your self gently on your stomach to achieve flat stomach, i can help you achieve great blood circulation, reduce cellulite,  reduce blotting,  toxins, and helps you feel better! If you massage yourself every day on your stomach, you will achieve a better-looking stomach, the gs in the stomach will disappear, it will improve your digestive system and more! This tip is applicable for male and females. During my biochemistry studies, i learned how the digestive system works in the stomach. Please use bio oil, coconut oil or oil more massaging your self.

I am a beauty, business, and health consultant. I also do makeup, skincare advice manicure, and pedicure. Please contact me if you are interested.


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