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My Favourite Restaurants In Zeeland

Hello my beautiful friends! Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you all are doing great!  Zeeland is a province in The Netherlands.  Cities such as Middelburg, Vlissingen, Goes are serene and has great places to visit. I live in Middelburg,  Middelburg has alot of peaceful and quiet places to live. Amadore restaurant is very famous, the food is so delicious. I have had the ample opportunity to work with Amadore hotels and restaurant. I have also worked at the Amadore wellness in Kamperland. The quality of service at Amadore restaurant is great. I have also worked with Van der Valk Restaurant and Fletchers hotels. The food in these above-mentioned hotels and restaurant is terrific.  Restaurant Scherp is also very famous in Middelburg. Oriental Garden is also a great restaurant you can order food from, in case you like aziatisch food.

A few years ago, I stayed in Sheraton hotel at Schipol airport, I truly enjoyed my stay, the food is terrific, the hotel also offers outstanding message to their guest,  I had a massage than in Sheraton Hotel at Schipol airport, I really enjoyed it. Whenever I go to cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam, I enjoy eating fast food from Julia. Julia meals are so delicious. I wish Julia restaurant or Smullers is in Zeeland. For almost a decade now I have been living in The Netherlands, I often buy my groceries from Emte, Netto Markt, Jumbo supermarket and cook, and often visit the above-mentioned restaurants with friends and family to dine and wine.

My beautiful friends, what are the names of your favorites restaurant in Zeeland in The Netherlands? Would you lie to wine and dine with me?  I would love to learn from you.

Thank you so much for reading!

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Van der Valk Hotel and Restaurant Middelburg












Fun Places To Visit In Zeeland!!

Hello, my angels! I hope you all are doing great! This is a highly requested blog post. Many of you have been asking me, Ekene where do you live? I do live in Zeeland in The Netherlands. A lot of persons think Zeeland is very quiet,  nothing much to do, just eat, sleep and relax kind of lifestyle. Well, I have got news for you guys! Zeeland is such a fun place to live. I truly love Zeeland. There are fun activities to indulge in such as

  1. Holidays at Roompot vacation home
  2. The Boulevard in Vlissingen
  3. Cinecity cinema in Vlissingen
  4. Mini Mundi for kids or Verlinden in Goes.
  5. Domburg strand
  6. Biking in the park
  7. Dining in awesome restaurants such as Van der Valk, Amadore and Fletchers!

For your accommodation, you may want to check out awesome hotels and vocational homes via and via air bnb.

I hope these tips inspire you. I highly recommend these hotels and restaurants I mentioned above, because I have had the ample opportunity to work with some of the brands mentioned above and also I have dined and wined with them too.

My lovelies, where do you hang out in Zeeland, I would love to learn from you

I love you so so much!


Ekene Patience

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Thank you so much for reading!


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Hallo! Mijn naam is Ekene. Bent u opzoek naar ervaren kapster voor bij u Thuis?  Ik kan u Haar knipoem en zetten In model. Kleuren is ook mogelijke. Ik Knip dames, heren en kinderen

Happy weekend friends! xo @ekeneaart

Hallo! Mijn naam is Ekene. Bent u opzoek naar ervaren kapster voor bij u Thuis?Ik kan u Haar knipoem en zetten In model.Kleuren is ook mogelijke. Ik Knip dames, heren en


Human Touch!

Hi lovelies, todays blog post is about human touch. In today’s world, we all are so busy with technology such as our phones, camera. In order to restore the human interaction, there is a need to keep in touch with one another, not remotely but through physical communication this can be mantained through social interation which would strengthen love , human relationship and maintain healthy pscyhology.

Through social interaction , you build healthy relationship which will some day develop into love. Socialisation involves physical interaction with human which can also be done through social media. Physical ( face to face interaction) is the main and best way of socialisation. Social media auguments socialisation but it is not a replacement.

Those that keep in touch with family and friends has less chances of being depressed, when you do isolate your self from friends and family it does lead to serious depression and health challenges. In essence it is very important to be with your parents, kids, family members physically as much as you can.

Love is  such a beautiful thing! We all need to give love and receive love. According to the music of Phil Collins, his lyrics goes like this ‘ my mama said , you can’t  hurry love, you just have to wait, love dont come easy, its a game of give and take.  Love one another and stay fabulous.

To my international friends abroad, try as much as you can to be in contact with your  relatives, parent, uncles, aunties, grand parents, friends abroad because the world has become a global village due to digitalisation. Have fun and do not forget to make lots of pictures  in order to remind you of all the great experience abroad.

I enjoy doing makeup, also, my new found hobby is painting. Painting your door, room,  kids room is a cool way to relax, it calms me down.

Thank you so much for reading!

I love you so so much!


Ekene Patience


Hallo schatjes! de blogpost van vandaag gaat over menselijke aanraking. In de wereld van vandaag zijn we allemaal zo druk met technologie zoals onze telefoons, camera, om de menselijke interactie te herstellen, is er behoefte om contact te houden met elkaar, niet op afstand, maar via fysieke communicatie kan dit worden begeleid door sociale interactie,  die liefde, menselijke relatie zou versterken en gezonde psychologie zou plaatsvinden.


Door sociale interactie bouw je een gezonde relatie op die je op een dag zult ontwikkelen tot liefde. Socialisatie betekent fysieke interactie met de mens, wat ook via sociale media kan worden gedaan.

Lichamelijk (face-to-face interactie) is de belangrijkste en beste manier van socialisatie. Sociale media bevorderen socialisatie, maar het is geen vervanging.


Degenen die contact houden met familie en vrienden, hebben minder kans om depressief te zijn, wanneer u uzelf isoleert van vrienden en familie, leidt dit wel tot ernstige depressie en gezondheidsuitdagingen.


In wezen is het erg belangrijk om fysiek zoveel mogelijk met je ouders, kinderen en familieleden te zijn.

Liefde is zo mooi! We moeten allemaal liefde geven en liefde ontvangen. Volgens de muziek van Phil Collins gaat zijn tekst zo ‘mijn moeder zei, je kunt geen liefde haasten, je moet gewoon wachten, liefde komt niet gemakkelijk, het is een spel van geven en nemen. Heb elkaar lief en blijf fantastisch.


Aan mijn internationale vrienden in het buitenland, probeer zoveel mogelijk contact te houden met uw familieleden, ouders, ooms, tantes, grootouders, vrienden in het buitenland, omdat de wereld een global village is geworden door digitalisering. Veel plezier en vergeet niet om veel foto’s te maken om u te herinneren aan alle geweldige ervaring in het buitenland.


Ik geniet van het doen van make-up, ook mijn nieuw gevonden hobby is schilderen. Het schilderen van je deur, kamer, kinderkamer is een coole manier om te ontspannen, het kalmeert me.

Heel erg bedankt voor het lezen!

Ik hou zo veel van je!



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Ekene Patience



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Best Places To Visit In Zeeland The Netherlands



Hello muffins! I hope you all are doing well! I have been living in Zeeland In The Netherland for a while now, and I have come to like it very much!There are awesome places you can visit that can make you fall deeper in love with Zeeland such as, Vacational homes of Roompot, restaurant de Afslag in Breskerns, Amadore Hotels and resorts, The Fletchers hotel, beachclub, De boulevard in Vlissingen and the cool shopping centres in Middelburg and  in Goes. You can even find cool designer cloths in some shops in Zeeland such cloths from GStar, Polo, Michael Kors bags, shoes from Omoda and Open 32. Cool cities to visit in zeeland includes, Domburg, Breskerns, Middelburg and Sluis

I truelly love zeeland and highly recommend Zeeland to my beautiful muffins in da house!

Please do share with me your favourite cities, I have been to Paris, London, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Germany and Nigeria, The Netherlands still remains my favourite country amongs all perhaps because I like cheese

Stay fabulous!!!


Ekene Patience


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Manicure, Pedicure and Make-up Done By Me

I am so thankful to all the ladies and gentlemen I have had the ample opportunity to work with in The Netherlands. I do manicure, Pedicure and makeup. I have been a beauty consultant and a photo model in The Netherlands for many years. I am also grateful to all the amazing photographers I have worked it. I hope these pictures inspires you.

I am also a you tuber!!! I create makeup, styling and fashion video to help inspires you and make you my amazing friends look and feel more fabulous! see below my recent video

If you need someone for your manicure, pedicure, makeup, please contact me.

I love you so much.

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Happy 2016!

Hello my amazing friends! I am so sorry I have not posted for a while! I have been very busy. How is your 2016 going so far? I feel like for me it’s going to be a year full of big positive changes both personally and professionally. How do I know that? Well, simple because I choose to envision it and believe it. What else is there left to do, haha? Life isn’t perfect, there are constant ups and downs, however whining and complaining is not an option and never makes it to my agenda anymore.

Stay positiveand believe in God!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


Ekene Patience


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