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7 Top Shops To Buy Male Outfits!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you all are doing well!  This is a requested blog post. I have been asked to share with you awesome shops to buy male outfits. I am a personal shopper, I have helped several men to buy cool outfits such as blazers, t-shirt, school bag, shoes, underwears, singlet, perfumes and more. I enjoy giving men advice and also shopping for cool outfits for men, these outfits you can wear to a birthday party, marriage ceremony, university graduation party, to the beach and more!  Cool shops to shop for men outfits are

  1. We fashion
  2. Esprit
  3. Van gils
  4. C&A
  5. H&M
  6. Bomont
  7. De Bijenkorf

This above-mentioned shop has really cool trendy outfits. I really like the WE FASHION shop and H&M shop in Amsterdam Bijmer Arena, these above-mentioned shop has great varieties of clothing! A few months ago, I went to Amsterdam Bijmer Arena and bought some nice clothing at We Fashion and also at TK MAxx. In the year 2017, I bought some nice outfits at WE Fashion shop in Rotterdam and also at Zara shop,  very nice white blazer, I wore the white blazer a lot during my Master’s studies at the University of Dundee.

My advice for men this summer period is to eat well, exercise often, practise self-grooming such as manicure, pedicure, wear a nice perfume, wash your self often per day and relax. You may want to relax by listening to cool music, avoid listening to sorrowful music and be very polite. Women love kind-hearted and polite men.


I am a beauty consultant and a personal shopper in The Netherlands. If you want me to help you shop for awesome outfits, please contact me. Please do keep your eyes on these above-mentioned shop, these shops do have sales very often.


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Skin Care Tips 2018!

Hi love, today’s blog post is meant to inspire you on how to achieve proper healthier glowing skin –

  1. Remove makeup before going to bed
  2. Use day and night cream from loreal and Nivea. The Body shop  and lush also as amazing skincare items 
  3. Eat properly.
  4. Drink a lot of water every day, water helps your skin to glow
  5. Use bio oil to clear off dark spots and blemishes
  6. If you have chronic acne or excema, do visit your dermatologist.
  7. Too much sun can be bad for your skin,  always use sunscreen to protect your skin
  8. Sleep on a clean bedsheet on daily basis, wear clean clothes and use clean towels
  9. Use homemade items such as fresh tomatoes, Citroen and eggs as scrub and masker respectively. Never underestimate the magic these items can perform on your skin.

I hope these tips inspired you. Please do share with me how you do take good care of your selves.

I love you


Ekene Patience


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  • Clean bathroom


Designual dress

Dress – Designual


The Bodyshop cosmetics





Style Your Dresses In Several Ways!

Hello, my fabulous friends! The weather is so nice these days, I truly enjoy summer days and love to style myself in stylish ways. It is so practical and fun to wear dresses during the summer period! Most of my blog readers, fans and family have been asking me what I do during the summer period, I enjoy styling my self in colorful dresses, eating out, hanging out in the beach, maintaining my skin, by taking my bath at least three times a day, use day and night cream from brands such as Nivea, Loreal,  spending quality time with family. Going for a walk in the park is a fun way to enjoy the summer period or just chilling in a nice terras, Amadore Stefano in Vlissingen in The Netherlands has a great terras.

Do remember to wear sunscreen cream on your body when hanging out on the beach tanning, and also wear sunglasses when the sun is shining to keep your self-hydrated by drinking lots of clean water. Media Markt has cool airconditioner to keep your room chilled because you might feel uncomfortable when your house is too hot.

My angels, how do you spend your summer days? I would love to learn from you!


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Well, Hello Summer 2017!!!

With the dawn of June, comes the expectation of summer around the corner and I for one am excited. They say summer bodies are made in the winter.

Now I’ve got you all pumped, today I’ll be spilling the tea on how to get yourselves ready for the season ahead, top to toe.

Let’s face it, getting your face in fabulous order is a surefire way to prepare for Spring. 10 Minute Mask from Origins is an absolute must for taking control of your complexion, combating skin problems and banishing impurities, in a simple step. Masks like this are a really effective and fast acting way to begin the transformation process. Also, I usually pamper my face by washing it properly at least for 15 minutes each time I go to bath with a face cleaning soap, not just your usual bathing soap from Nivea, Dove, A&H, Kruidvat.

Less is definitely more when it comes to makeup. For that summertime transition, put down the brown palettes and say hello to pink flirty colours. Aim for lightweight formulas that add a blush of colour to the face.  I usually use lipstick from Loreal, Mac, Ysl, and Dior. These are great brands and their lipstick last very long and are very pretty.

Goodbye sallow – hello glow
To achieve a super indulgent extra radiance boost, the Pure Gold Collagen 10-day-programme is simply amazing. This beauty supplement aims to fight the first signs of ageing from within, by aiding in collagen production in the deepest layers of your skin. This leaves it looking firmer, plump, brighter and more youthful.

For a gradual boost, I’m a huge advocate of exfoliating and bath salts like the Dr Kniep body scrub, body scrub from Lush, or from the The body shop is a must have!!! are a relatively easy, low abrasive way to do this. They work by removing dead skin to increase cell turnover, which releases the inner glow.

For perfume, I suggest going a little more understated than normal this summer. One million from Paco Robanne is great, you may use parfumes from Ysl, Hugo boss, Gucci Guilty and dior are great perfumes for summer. If you are really on tigh budget and cnt afford to buy perfumes from Douglas, Ici Parijs, Mooi Parfumerie in The Netherlands, You may want to visit Parfum Star in Hoogstrat Rotterdam for very affordable perfumes or  go online and shop at parfumenia!!!.

There’s something about the warmer weather that often makes us ladies want to switch up our hair. Experimenting with semi-permanent colour on extensions is my thing, so for those of you with colour treated hair – like me – you’ll know that maintenance is everything.

So there you have it, my top to toe readiness suggestions for the upcoming season – watch out Summer we’re coming for you!

Please check out my inspirational video below on how you can style yourself this season.

I love you


Ekene Patience


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Diana (19 of 32)

green 10 hooty image_003 image_008 IMG_4473_pp IMG_5126

Outfits in the Video

First outfit

Skirt from a shop in Mallorca Spain

Top – www.

Accessories – Dkny

Second Outfit

Skirt – Jane Norman

Top – Ralph Laurens

Shoes – Michael Kors

Third Outfit

Dress- Yellow dress from Amazon


Makeup items and brands I used in this video are from MaryKay, The Bodyshop, Dior, Lancome, Smashbox, La Girl, Black opal


August Favourites


Hello beauties, I just posted a video on my YouTube channel. August month has been an awesome fabulous month, so I decided to share with you few of my August Favourite items. I love Mac products, I shared a Mac studio Fix powder in the video, the powder has been my favourite. I have been using Mac products for more than 8 years now, very cool product indeed. I usually buy Mac products from Partum Star, Douglas In The Netherlands, Sephora. I’m also loving the Gucci Rush perfume! It’s just fab.

Last month, I did a lot of styling, after a hard day at work, wearing sweaty jeans and shirt, I like to get home, take my bath with some Nivea or Dove shower gel, dress up in my favourite dress and create an awesome video to entertain you.

I also enjoy spending time with my lovely boys. My sons love playing with toys such as Lego, Playmobile, tennis,voetball water pistol , and reading books. My very good friend introduced me to some cool YouTube videos for kids such as Nintjes, teletubbies (which I already know) and some cool Dutch kids programmes. I got my older son an Adidas shoes and Nike school bag last week, and some cool dinosaur book.

I do love braiding my hair. I style my hair and do my makeup myself. It is essential to wash your hair with shampoo at least every week.

I usually shop my furniture from Ikea and Leen bakker in The Netherlands. Some of the furniture at my home, I alreay have them for many years. I have been living in The Netherlands for more than 6 years, all these years, I used to live alone few years ago, then I bought some items for myself.

Another August favourites are my study books , I recently graduated as International Business and management studies, during my study years, it was compulsory to buy some cool books such as Marketing research, Business ethics, Accountancy. I do enjoy reading my digital marketing book a lot. I recently got a Dutch novel called the Vligeraar, I do love it because it also has a movie too.

I enjoy cooking too, my favourite food is Rice with Chicken, I ensure to add salad to my meal every day, I ate some fruits also on daily basis during the month of August such as Kiwi,banana,Apple etc.

I hope my August Favourites inspres you. I do  love to hear from you what your August favourites are. Please do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I promise you will love it.

Stay beautiful!

I love you so so so much


Ekene Patience.




Casual Summer Outfits





DSC02959  DSC03247

Hello loves,  I hope you are having a a wonderful Summer Period, although it is often cold and rainy in The Netherlands I always get a lot of compliments whenever I wear these dresses on this tutorial! I would be wearing a lot of beautiful dresses this summer season, so please keep your eye on my channeI buy my dresses from Amazon, EBay,, De Bijenkorf, Newlook, H&M, We, in The Netherlands, Cool cat.  These shops has amazing cloths and for very affordable prices My shoes I usually buy them from Justfab, Ebay, Michael Kors, Omoda, Amazon, Manfield, Van Haren In The Netherlands.

My hair (wig) is from EBay. I am a Photo Model and a Beauty consultant In The Netherlands.  I also do Makeup, Manicure, Pedicure and Relaxation Massage.To maintain my hair curls, I use Dove and Seda conditioner. I also use hair pins to style and keep my hair in Place. I also wash my hair on weekly basis using warm water.For my second look, I am wearing a pretty Red Hair and a Red DressThese looks is ideal for date night, girl night out. My second outfit is from, I styled it with a Red Gele I got from Nigeria.

I hope these looks inspires you.Please do not forget to like, share, comment and subscribe to my Youtube channel .I am very thankful to every each one of you watching my videos, Thank you so so much! Please do leave your comment below to let me know what you like to see on my channel!

P.S I do Makeup, Manicure, Pedicure and Makeup I am also a Photo Model. If you do need my services Please contact me by sending me an email [email protected] or visit



Holidays in Spain LookBook

Few months ago, the weather was amazing in Europe, especially in Spain. I went with my family and it was amazing. The sea was blue and the weather was amazing in the beautiful city of Mallorca. I really enjoyed the meals too. I know it can get a bit boring to wear good sweater , winter coat and jeans everyday single day for months during  this winter months, so I decided to share with you some of my favorite summer looks to brighten up your winter days.
Let me know which one of the looks is your favorite and also I’d love to hear about your favorite ways of styling during your holidays

for outfit details + links!

Accessories- here

Outfit details – here

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DSC06212 DSC06185


Summer TIme In The Netherlands

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

I had a fun filled shoot today, the photographer came from Belgium to shoot me at my home in The Netherlands.

Summer time is one of my favourite seasons in the Netherlands. I get t wear my favourite dresses and bikini!

Here is an inspirational quote for you!

“Each day is a new life. Seize it. Live it.”

~ David Guy Powers

Make-Up and styling done by me


FOT_4497 FOT_4615







FOT_4949 FOT_5030


FOT_5066 FOT_5088

Make-Up and styling done by me!