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My Look Of The Day!

Hello, my beautiful angels! I hope you all are doing great!. This is my look for today! I hope you guys like my outfits. I am a fashion stylist in The Netherlands. I love being creative with my outfits. Ladies and gentlemen, if you do need a stylist, want to wear my clothes, shoes, bags for your photoshoots or for fun, please contact me! I love styling my male and female friends up! I am also a photo model, I enjoy making beautiful customized pictures of my self.

The looks below are ideal for the lent period. Summer is almost over in The Netherlands. You just can’t go wrong with great winter jackets! Shops such as Esprit, Bomont, Hudson Bay, The Benehams has cool winter jackets! Timberland has great winter shoes as well.

Enjoy the pictures below! I love you all so so much for all your love, support, encouragement, donations, and kind words.

I love you


Ekene Patience

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p.s. The first few pictures I wore today, the rest are for your extra viewing pleasure![email protected]/30380336067/in/dateposted-public/[email protected]/30380338377/in/dateposted-public/[email protected]/30380336067/in/dateposted-public/[email protected]/44551342354/in/dateposted-public/[email protected]/40860978222/in/dateposted-public/[email protected]/26030381697/in/dateposted-public/



7 Top Fashion Shops In The Netherlands!

Hello, my adorable angels, I hope you all are doing fabulous! Today’s blog post is to inspire you all ( My male and female blog readers) shops were you can buy nice decent outfits. My current favorite shops and brands in The Netherlands are;

  1. Esprit
  2. Levi / G- Star
  3. Only
  4. H&M
  5. We
  6. C&A
  7. De Bijenkorf

When am in The United Kingdom, I love shopping for very pretty dresses at De Debenham’s and Quiz! Shein is a great webshop in The Netherlands. I bought the white and blue strip dress from them. I totally recommend at least a pair of Tommy Hilfiger Jeans, G-Star and Levi Jeans in every lady’s and gent’s wardrobe. You just can’t go wrong with any of these above jean brands. About a decade ago, I received a very beautiful dress from MarcJacobs,  I still love and cherish the dress to date.

Over a decade ago, when I was living in Lekki Lagos Nigeria, I did my luxurious makeup and stylish outfit shopping from Shoprite The Palms Lekki Nigeria. Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay have also very stylish clothing at very affordable prices.. Hunke Moller has very cute and affordable lingerie too!

My lovelies, where do you buy your clothing outfits from?

I do love to learn from you.

Thank you so so much for reading my blog, have a fun filled day!

I love you.


Ekene Patience

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Espirit Shirt, Levi Jeans

Espirit Shirt Levi Jeans


I am a personal shopper. I help male and females shop for cosmetics, shoes, clothing, watches, perfume. please contact me if you need my services

Hello my amazing friends! check out my fun shoots in The Netherlands!  wishing you all an amazing week! Stay fabulous!xo Ekene Patience #Red #Redlips #fashion #Beauty #Fashionmodel #Mua #Ze

Hi love, today’s blog post is meant to inspire you on how to achieve proper healthier glowing skin  Remove makeup before going to bed Use day and night cream from loreal and Nivea. The Body shop  and lush also as amazing skincare items  Eat properly. Drin

Hello my adorable friends! I hope you all are doing great. Here are some amazing websites to advertise your businesses in order to gain potential customers. Online and offline advertising is crucial for business to reach potential customers, like the sayi



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Qualities Of A Good Wife!

Hello, my adorable friends and family! I hope you all are doing well. One of my regular blog reader and follower requested I share this post with you guys to teach women how to treat their men. In my opinion a good wife has to be loving, caring, clean and keep the house tidy, have good hygiene, respectful, be a good listener to her husband, never say negative or insulting words to her husband or children, never hit your man, never kick him out of the house because you may end up chasing him in the sweet arms of another woman, be patient, understanding, never check his emails, spy on your man or read his phone messages,gossip other women with her husband or in front of their kids, never starve her husband or kids, take the cloths to the laundry if she can not wash by herself, cook or prepare good meals, never do things or involve in actions to hurt a wife, mother, woman like you, if you can not cook, thuis bezorgd and other website has amazing sites for great food, trust him with all your heart and soul, care for him and his family, never gossip or discuss your husband with a stranger, be sweet, hot, spicy,be romantic, dance together, be willing to support her husband financially, morally, cuturally, intellectually in  the best way she can. Never judge a book by its cover, that means do not jump into conclusion over your husband/or wife before truelly, really to get to know them very well. I love to be caring and sweet to my man when am in a relationship. Men, please do the same to your woman! Be great and sweet to your wives too!

I hope these tips inspired you.

My loving friends, please do share with me and coach me on how to become a better lover, mother and care, I would love to learn from you.

I love you so so much!


Ekene Patience



Hallo, mijn lieve vrienden en familie! Ik hoop dat het goed gaat met jullie allemaal. Een van mijn vaste blog-lezers en volgers verzocht om deze post met jullie te delen om vrouwen te leren hoe ze hun mannen moeten behandelen. Naar mijn mening moet een goede vrouw liefdevol zijn, zorgzaam, schoon en het huis opgeruimd houden, goede hygiëne hebben, respectvol zijn, een goede luisteraar voor haar man zijn, nooit negatieve of beledigende woorden tegen haar man of kinderen zeggen, nooit je man slaan, gooi hem nooit het huis uit, want je zou hem misschien kunnen sturen in de zoete armen van een andere vrouw, geduldig zijn, begrijpen, zijn e-mails nooit lezen, je man bespioneren of zijn telefoonberichten lezen, andere vrouwen roddelen met haar man of voor hun kinderen, haar man of kinderen nooit uithongeren, de kleren naar de was brengen als ze niet alleen kan wassen, koken of goede maaltijden bereiden, nooit dingen doen of betrokken zijn bij acties om een vrouw, moeder, vrouw zoals jij pijn te doen , als je niet kunt koken, thuis bezorgd en andere website heeft geweldige sites voor lekker eten, vertrouw hem met je hele hart en ziel, zorg voor hem en zijn familie, roddel nooit of bespreek je man met een vreemde, wees lief, heet, pittig, romantisch zijn, samen dansen. Ik ben dol op zorgzaam en lief voor mijn man als ik een relatie heb. Mannen, doe alsjeblieft hetzelfde met je vrouw! Wees ook geweldig en lief voor je vrouwen!

Ik hoop dat deze tips je hebben geïnspireerd.

Mijn liefhebbende vrienden, deel me alsjeblieft en coach me om een betere minnaar, moeder en zorg te worden, ik zou heel graag van je leren.

Ik hou zo veel van jullie!


Ekene Patience

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I truely love wearing dresses especially during  the summer period. I admire top artist such as Kim Kardeshian,Naomi Campbell, Oluchi Onweagba,  Beyonce, Victoria Becham, beauty byjj, Michelle phan, Rihanna, Gigi Hadid Beautybybel in their awesome dresses[email protected]/44455970481/in/dateposted-public/



Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy mothers day my amazing friends.  In few days time is mother’s day in Holland. Yuppie!!!
Thank you all for being my friends, my brothers, my sisters, my carer and my mentor. Mummy, I miss you so much. I love you mum, your grandchildren love you. We wish we could visit you as much as we can in Nigeria, but due to the distance, it’s quite challenging. I miss your delicious meal. You are the best coolest mum ever, am sure most you readers think the same way / regard your mother as the best cook.

My aim of writing this blog post is to inspire you on a gift idea for your loving mother on mothers day. You may send your mummy flowers, card, a nice perfume, a wrist watch, a cool ticket to the wellness, manicure, pedicure, a nice Porsche car.❤😇✌ Greetz in the Netherlands sells awesome gift items. Please make sure you take care of your mummy, always make your mummy happy, smile and not sad. Mothers are awesome, without mothers, well, reproduction of human would not be possible!

Thank you so much for reading!

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Happy Birthday Son!


Happy birthday my adorable loving son! You have been a great blessing to our family, I love you. You have been an amazing kid, Always so happy, kind, selfless and healthy son. I love you and your brother from the bottom of heart. I give God the glory for your life.

Both of you boys have been amazing blessed and intelligent  kids!

I just want to use this opportunity to thank all my amazing friends and family members for all your love and support. I do appreciate all your support towards us.

thank you!

Gefeliciteerd lieve Timo!

Ik hou van je!



Ekene Patience


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Fun Activities In The Netherlands

Thumbs up if you enjoyed watching my video below!

I do like to use this opportunity to say a very big congratulations to my darling sister and my new brother in law for their awesome wedding. I am so proud of you sis!

Here is a vlog and some fun activities I have been doing recently! I love spending quality time with my kids by playing with them, chatting with them, reading to them and so on.

I love my boys so much!

Please share with me the fun activities you engage in. The weather is very cold here in The Netherlands so its quite difficult to have real fun like going to the park, playing football outside etc.

I hope you do have a lovely day!

I love you so so much!


Ekene Patience

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Merry Christmas and Happy Newer Lovelies!

Hi sweeties, I just want to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to all of you for all your support, kind words, comments, encouragement. A very merry christmas and happy new year! May all your wish come through! Amen.

I do love to hear from you what your plans are this festive season. Would you be spending time with family? travelling? visiting Santa lol? do let me know by sending an email or tweet me.






Hello loves, I just wanted to share with you a great news! I have a new job am quite excited about it. Although it’s a bit stressful.  My new job is in the health care sector. I do go to people’s home to help them with house choirs such as dressing the bed, cleaning the house and so on, basically the kind of job you do when you are at your home. I have a passion for helping others that is one of the factors that attracted me to take the job. One of my client is above 80 years.  I do not own a car, so I do travel by bus called Connexxion in The Netherlands.

One of the great things about the bus I travel with to my job is that all the bus drivers are doing their job for free. It’s quite amazing.

Besides going to peoples home to help them, I also do charity work whereby I collect cloths and shoes for less privileged once across the world. I have been able to collect shoes cloths and many more from donators in the Netherlands worth thousands of euros. I encourage you to participate in charity works, it means a lot in helping and touching the lives of people. Absolutely incredible.

I am also a photo model, mother, entrepreneur and student.

My advice for you all in case you are looking for a job! Never give up, keep on searching, especially using the relevant key words can help you spot your dream job. For instance if you are looking for a Marketing job in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. All you have to do is type in Marketing Jobs Amsterdam and you will find a lot of options and choices. There are a lot of sites such as Monster board, Linked in, Facebook and many more to find a job!

I hope these tips were helpful!

I love you so so much


Ekene Patience