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Few years ago, I conducted a vigorous research on export of  Martenal Mobile hospitals to Nigeria for Jacaranda Trading B.V.  in The Netherlands the sister company to Van Vliet Tucks, The findings of the research is that there is high martenal death rate in Nigeria and there is also enormous need for mobile hospital trailers , medical equiptments, vans, generators, ambulances in rural areas of Nigeria. In order to aid women whom are pregnant to deliver safely, mobile hospitals ( see photos below) is required.  Van Vliet trucks has exported several mobile hospital trailers  to Congo and other african countries.

I work with Van Vliet in The Netherlands in donating Ambulance , medical equiptments , busses  to rural areas in African countries. Please do contact me if you are interested in supporting.

Thank you so much in advance for your contribution in saving women’s  life in Nigeria.


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