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How To fall In Love With Your Job Again!!!

Hello my loves! Few days ago was valentine’s day, I hope you all had fun! Since we are still in the loving spirit and mood, I thought I share with you all tips on how to fall head over heels in love with your job again!

I love my job – in fact I’ve been lucky enough to have enjoyed every job I’ve ever had, from waitress through to retail, from lecturer through to fashion blogger, from photo model into a loving mother they’ve all taught me lessons and changed me for the better. From that feeling of new job excitement, through to passing your probation and all the way to celebrating your work anniversaries – your job can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling parts of your life. But what happens when the love is gone and you find yourself dreading your alarm going off in a morning?

It does not matter how you love your job from the onset, I think after a while we might start falling out of love because we want to have new adventure, experience new things, become more independent and so on. – But how do you work out which path you need to take? Some jobs can be very challenging and consume lots of our time, but is very important to have a balance. Some of us get burn out, break down or even experience panic attack during working hours. Taking some time to ventilate, relax,  spend time with your loved ones, go on holiday is very important. It is very crucial to avoid too much caffeine and unhealthy habits in order to be extra active at the work place.

You do not let the work to rule your life, rather be a very balanced effective productive being!

I hope you are inspired.

p.s. Thank you so much my lovely friend for hooking me up with this beautiful coat.

I love you all so so much!

Ti amo tanto

Ik hou van jou


Ekene Patience


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How To Find a Job!!!

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3fm serious request Eindhoven (glazenhuis)2010 in The Netherlands!!

Hiya Muffins, I hope you all are doing great. Have you guys been wondering how to find a new job lately?

Well here are some cool tips on how to do so.

  1. You can register your own business at chamber of commerce and become self employed person ( you may need a website as well. or wordpress can be used for building a website)
  2. Work for a boss, search website such as LinkedIn, indeed, monster board, studentjobs, Linkedin, jop rapido, for job offers.
  3. Become a photo model, actor, figurant in movies, search for casting calls on Facebook, twitter, goggle by using the right keyword.
  4. Become a you tuber, make movies and promote your self on other social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram.
  5. Promote products for other businesses or become a drop shipper.
  6. Start selling your own stuff you do no need on ebay.
  7. Contact companies directly, e.g if you are interested in cleaning jobs, search for cleaning job agencies in your area by searching on google, use the right key word, call or email them
  8. Search on Facebook for job coach, ask your friends who do work how they found their job.
  9. connect with alumni by attending events.

Remember, working would enable you earn money. money is important for enjoying a decent lifestyle such as spending quality time with your family and friends, going on vacation to Maldives, Barbados or other awesome countries, buying nice cars, houses and so on.

I hope you are inspired. Please do let me know if these tips were helpful.

I love you.




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p.s. I am currently looking for a job, if you have any tips, please do contact me – Please find my digital cv HERE





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Working In The Netherlands


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Hello Lovelies! Working In the Netherlands has been an awesome experience for me. I have had ample opportunities to work for prestigious companies such as Kuidvat, De Tuinen, Parfum Star, Allevo, Dorcas, Candelabra and Jacaranda Trading B.V. In The Netherlands. All these years in Holland, I have been happy living here, there are sometimes downsides and upsides aswell. I have also been able to build up my own business as a co founder of Fabulous beauties and

The dutch people are very friendly and kind.  Its als a great country to bring u your children expecially in Zeeland. You can easily find a job in recruitment agencies such as, Randstad, Tempo team. Alot of tourist easily get a job in Horeca (hotels, catering and restaurants) . In case you do not speak dutch, it might be a problem finding a job, although there are alot of dutch persons whom speak english language

In Amsterdam, Rotterdam there are alot of dark people compared to Zeeland area. Almost everyone in The Netherlands speak englsh. Although it is very important to speak the dutch language in order to find a good job. The upside of living in The Netherlands is that other european countries such as Belgium, Germany are quite closeby.

It is very important to learn the culture of the Netherlands because the cultue of the Netherlands is very different as that of nigerian culture ( see hofstede cultural dimension).

All in All, my working experience in this country is awesome and I highly recommend The Netherlands to build up your career.

Keep in mind, there are alot of cheese here and you have to know how to ride a bike lol.

I love you


Ekene Patience









Effective Carreer Tips!

Hello lovely! I hope you all are doing well. I just wanted to share some career tips based on my working experience in the Netherlands for the past five years.  First tip, if you are a foreigner in a foreign country such as the Netherlands, it might be challenging to find an ideal desired job.

All you have to do is keep persisting in case you are rejected 100 times during your solicitation, never give up. If you are lucky enough and find a job, do your very best to keep it! I have been lucky enough to have a job in the health care, beauty and restaurants in the Netherlands. I have also been working as a social worker and beauty consultant. You do not have to wait for your dream job, just find something doing, while doing the job you found you might fall in love with it. My last but not the least tip is to always have a positive behaviour at work, smile, do not be late at work and dress appropriately.

Nevertheless, It is  very important to find a job you love, find a sheet of paper, write down things you love doing for example, writing, gaming, cycling, modelling and so on, and start a research on company associated with your passion, approach these companies and show them you are really passionate in their field, create a Linkedin profile!

I hope these few tips are helpful! Good luck!


I love you so much

Ekene Patience






Hello loves, I just wanted to share with you a great news! I have a new job am quite excited about it. Although it’s a bit stressful.  My new job is in the health care sector. I do go to people’s home to help them with house choirs such as dressing the bed, cleaning the house and so on, basically the kind of job you do when you are at your home. I have a passion for helping others that is one of the factors that attracted me to take the job. One of my client is above 80 years.  I do not own a car, so I do travel by bus called Connexxion in The Netherlands.

One of the great things about the bus I travel with to my job is that all the bus drivers are doing their job for free. It’s quite amazing.

Besides going to peoples home to help them, I also do charity work whereby I collect cloths and shoes for less privileged once across the world. I have been able to collect shoes cloths and many more from donators in the Netherlands worth thousands of euros. I encourage you to participate in charity works, it means a lot in helping and touching the lives of people. Absolutely incredible.

I am also a photo model, mother, entrepreneur and student.

My advice for you all in case you are looking for a job! Never give up, keep on searching, especially using the relevant key words can help you spot your dream job. For instance if you are looking for a Marketing job in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. All you have to do is type in Marketing Jobs Amsterdam and you will find a lot of options and choices. There are a lot of sites such as Monster board, Linked in, Facebook and many more to find a job!

I hope these tips were helpful!

I love you so so much


Ekene Patience