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My Favourite Restaurants In Zeeland

Hello my beautiful friends! Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you all are doing great!  Zeeland is a province in The Netherlands.  Cities such as Middelburg, Vlissingen, Goes are serene and has great places to visit. I live in Middelburg,  Middelburg has alot of peaceful and quiet places to live. Amadore restaurant is very famous, the food is so delicious. I have had the ample opportunity to work with Amadore hotels and restaurant. I have also worked at the Amadore wellness in Kamperland. The quality of service at Amadore restaurant is great. I have also worked with Van der Valk Restaurant and Fletchers hotels. The food in these above-mentioned hotels and restaurant is terrific.  Restaurant Scherp is also very famous in Middelburg. Oriental Garden is also a great restaurant you can order food from, in case you like aziatisch food.

A few years ago, I stayed in Sheraton hotel at Schipol airport, I truly enjoyed my stay, the food is terrific, the hotel also offers outstanding message to their guest,  I had a massage than in Sheraton Hotel at Schipol airport, I really enjoyed it. Whenever I go to cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam, I enjoy eating fast food from Julia. Julia meals are so delicious. I wish Julia restaurant or Smullers is in Zeeland. For almost a decade now I have been living in The Netherlands, I often buy my groceries from Emte, Netto Markt, Jumbo supermarket and cook, and often visit the above-mentioned restaurants with friends and family to dine and wine.

My beautiful friends, what are the names of your favorites restaurant in Zeeland in The Netherlands? Would you lie to wine and dine with me?  I would love to learn from you.

Thank you so much for reading!

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Van der Valk Hotel and Restaurant Middelburg












Qualities Of A Good Wife!

Hello, my adorable friends and family! I hope you all are doing well. One of my regular blog reader and follower requested I share this post with you guys to teach women how to treat their men. In my opinion a good wife has to be loving, caring, clean and keep the house tidy, have good hygiene, respectful, be a good listener to her husband, never say negative or insulting words to her husband or children, never hit your man, never kick him out of the house because you may end up chasing him in the sweet arms of another woman, be patient, understanding, never check his emails, spy on your man or read his phone messages,gossip other women with her husband or in front of their kids, never starve her husband or kids, take the cloths to the laundry if she can not wash by herself, cook or prepare good meals, never do things or involve in actions to hurt a wife, mother, woman like you, if you can not cook, thuis bezorgd and other website has amazing sites for great food, trust him with all your heart and soul, care for him and his family, never gossip or discuss your husband with a stranger, be sweet, hot, spicy,be romantic, dance together, be willing to support her husband financially, morally, cuturally, intellectually in  the best way she can. Never judge a book by its cover, that means do not jump into conclusion over your husband/or wife before truelly, really to get to know them very well. I love to be caring and sweet to my man when am in a relationship. Men, please do the same to your woman! Be great and sweet to your wives too!

I hope these tips inspired you.

My loving friends, please do share with me and coach me on how to become a better lover, mother and care, I would love to learn from you.

I love you so so much!


Ekene Patience



Hallo, mijn lieve vrienden en familie! Ik hoop dat het goed gaat met jullie allemaal. Een van mijn vaste blog-lezers en volgers verzocht om deze post met jullie te delen om vrouwen te leren hoe ze hun mannen moeten behandelen. Naar mijn mening moet een goede vrouw liefdevol zijn, zorgzaam, schoon en het huis opgeruimd houden, goede hygiëne hebben, respectvol zijn, een goede luisteraar voor haar man zijn, nooit negatieve of beledigende woorden tegen haar man of kinderen zeggen, nooit je man slaan, gooi hem nooit het huis uit, want je zou hem misschien kunnen sturen in de zoete armen van een andere vrouw, geduldig zijn, begrijpen, zijn e-mails nooit lezen, je man bespioneren of zijn telefoonberichten lezen, andere vrouwen roddelen met haar man of voor hun kinderen, haar man of kinderen nooit uithongeren, de kleren naar de was brengen als ze niet alleen kan wassen, koken of goede maaltijden bereiden, nooit dingen doen of betrokken zijn bij acties om een vrouw, moeder, vrouw zoals jij pijn te doen , als je niet kunt koken, thuis bezorgd en andere website heeft geweldige sites voor lekker eten, vertrouw hem met je hele hart en ziel, zorg voor hem en zijn familie, roddel nooit of bespreek je man met een vreemde, wees lief, heet, pittig, romantisch zijn, samen dansen. Ik ben dol op zorgzaam en lief voor mijn man als ik een relatie heb. Mannen, doe alsjeblieft hetzelfde met je vrouw! Wees ook geweldig en lief voor je vrouwen!

Ik hoop dat deze tips je hebben geïnspireerd.

Mijn liefhebbende vrienden, deel me alsjeblieft en coach me om een betere minnaar, moeder en zorg te worden, ik zou heel graag van je leren.

Ik hou zo veel van jullie!


Ekene Patience

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I truely love wearing dresses especially during  the summer period. I admire top artist such as Kim Kardeshian,Naomi Campbell, Oluchi Onweagba,  Beyonce, Victoria Becham, beauty byjj, Michelle phan, Rihanna, Gigi Hadid Beautybybel in their awesome dresses[email protected]/44455970481/in/dateposted-public/




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                        Omoda boots – 50 euros

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                      Omoda boots – 50 euros

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holi 10j4DSC06458


1 holiday 11 17289183895_e3c979baf0_k 17102984739_4474af0012_k

Skirt – 10 euros

17263238426_99f8342ae4_k P407039715626434_1532747386751924_224616826098203877_o

638844B8-A40F-47A1-B81D-C951D4CAA34A DSC02818hair 10p

10690292_640806636035037_4117687486136747054_n 10986488_783630291752670_652482528874792853_o 12795281_933480460100985_4445425850977249366_n 12801346_933480456767652_8388702954378550476_n 19095267_1338220839626943_7534124748663419831_o 33246146125_f8c5aef1df_b37073505023_2bd298ba5d_h 37073505173_5d68f7a243_k 37669633046_6d26f2eaa5_k 37726448842_14c973016c_b 37803296452_cb3a157281_k 37815913301_33a8b2aebb_k 37815915571_d1406f0109_o Arthurs-Seat-Edinburgh-Views



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How To Wear Black Dresses!!!

Hey sugar, I have a confession to make, I love black dresses!!! No matter what season or year we are in, black is always back! This being said, do not lie to yourself that black is out of style or not cool enough for summer. Let’s recap some styling theories.

Black is flattering, nonchalantly sensual and you can never get wrong with it. Black is always elegant, even if you upgrade your outfit with a sexier touch. Moreover, during summer black means being super stylish and always sexy! For example, sheer black dresses or oversized summer jumpers for the beach wear will be much more fashionable than the outrageous neon dresses.

Today I am showing you this magnificent outfits I wore during my photo sessions in The Netherlands. You may want to shop for your black dresses online on shops such as Zolando, Ebay, Amazon,, De Bijenkorf, Omoda,Wehkamp and many more.

I hope you are inspired.

I would love to hear from you what your favorite color is.

I love you


Ekene Patience


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8723538554_6e842226a4_o 9167187461_ab8ef7ae7a_o 14684107769_a4737ce3e7_o 14684225547_60299e75fe_o 26175080944_f796e3d9d5_k 26175082654_4f21a90be9_o 26544547492_9a9bdab711_o 26554995381_7cd39d072d_k 26642793715_cf69eb4e22_b 27489593143_a1d38d3c46_o 27489593163_e62920854e_o 28940051345_fbfd646520_k 30720270094_3ed77340ee_o 30751810943_6b7ca16ba6_b 31523348306_230218cac2_o

exp 20141129-1-2 DSCX2583



Met dress – De Bijenjorf





How To Achieve Financial Stability!!!

No matter how buoyant you are and financially stable, it is very important to save money for rainy days. These tips below will help you save money.

  1. Turn of the Television- Television adverts would lure you to buy certain items you do not really need at that point in time of your life. There are lots of financial benefits to this practise.  Less expedicture to ad induced products.
  2.  Stop collecting and start selling. There are some people that thought their collections would bring them riches. You may want to sell all your collectibles such as shoes, cloths, makeup on ebay,etsy, amazon and many other onlie shop retailer.
  3. Make your own gift, than buying from shops. You may include your hand writing on the gift.

You may create a customised card yourself online instead of buying expensive cards.

  1. Repair clothing instead of tossing it, Do not dispose a shirt if you lose a button on it, rather repair it. Learning little bit of sewing skills is a great way to save money.
  2. Avoid eating from fast food. Instead of eating fast food or just nuking some prepackaged dinner when you get home, try making some simple and healthy replacements that you can take with you. An hour’s worth of preparation one weekend can leave you with a ton of cheap and easy dinner and snack options for the following week.
  3. Turn of the light. If you live in europe, before going out to work, turn of the lights and all electricl appliances. Turning off lights when you have plenty of natural sunlight can also help keep your electrical bill down over time. The bottom line: If you aren’t using a light, turn it off.
  4. Plan your spending. Always make a list on the items you need to spend your money on – The secret to this method (if you want to call it that) is to identify what you are spending money on so that you can begin to plan your spending. Once you begin to plan your spending, you will gain control over it and you will be able to plan to spend money on your savings. In other words, you will plan to put money into your savings account. Many people don’t like to plan their spending because it involves a little bit of work . No one is saying that success will come easily, but this little bit of work will pay off big time in many areas of your finances. Just as the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail.

I hope these tips inspires you.

Ekene Patience




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Best Places To Visit In Zeeland The Netherlands



Hello muffins! I hope you all are doing well! I have been living in Zeeland In The Netherland for a while now, and I have come to like it very much!There are awesome places you can visit that can make you fall deeper in love with Zeeland such as, Vacational homes of Roompot, restaurant de Afslag in Breskerns, Amadore Hotels and resorts, The Fletchers hotel, beachclub, De boulevard in Vlissingen and the cool shopping centres in Middelburg and  in Goes. You can even find cool designer cloths in some shops in Zeeland such cloths from GStar, Polo, Michael Kors bags, shoes from Omoda and Open 32. Cool cities to visit in zeeland includes, Domburg, Breskerns, Middelburg and Sluis

I truelly love zeeland and highly recommend Zeeland to my beautiful muffins in da house!

Please do share with me your favourite cities, I have been to Paris, London, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Germany and Nigeria, The Netherlands still remains my favourite country amongs all perhaps because I like cheese

Stay fabulous!!!


Ekene Patience


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_9236407 10958875_10206086549589299_1439485847_n 11218095_790394031076296_5117048225489100848_o 11390338_790394041076295_1510686594882402523_n 14267028417_669dde0432_o


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Hello beauty lovers, Recently, I got myself a lovely pair of shoes from Omoda in The Netherlands. Omoda is an awesome shop for stylish shoes, bags and more. I bought my Michael kors bag from them few years ago. I also received a nice Adidas Shoes and books as a gift from my fans! Thank you so much! you are simply the best!

You can shop for your awesome shoes from Manfield, Clarks and De Bijenkorf in The Netherlands.

I love you.


Ekene Patience


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Modelling Tips!!!


Hello beauty lovers! I have been a photo model for over a decade. I love modelling because am able to express myself with pictures. Like the saying goes, pictures speaks a million words. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to have worked with very talented photographers and models.

If you are aspiring model, you may want to send emails or messages to photographers via Facebook, twitter other social media asking them you would like to improve your modelling portfolio. You may want to register on awesome sites such as or modelmayhem, and many more.

I am a youtuber now, I love making tutorials and writing articles to share my knowledge and passion, I receive alot of feedbacks which am very thankful for!

In order to be a great model, great grooming is required, make sure you have nice skin,in shape, exercise often and watch what you eat. There are also plus size models out there but is better to be in shape.

You may also look for top models that inspires you. My role models are Oluchi Onweagba, Naomi cambell, Katemoss. I love their pictures. You may also search on google for top modes and style, pose as they do. Last but not the least tip, do not be shy, be yourself!

I hove these few tips inspires you.

I love you so much!





2014_07_30; Diana (01) Zeeland (37)



DSC02942 DSC02961 DSC03233 DSC03253


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March Favourites!

10710264_712738035508563_9018146106733018975_o (1)IMG_2245Hello lovelies, I hope you all are doing well. Recently, I created a video to share with you my awesome March Favourite Items. The month of March has been very inspiring for me.  I have been reading alot and listening to inspirational audios by great motivators such as Brian Tracey, Dani Johnson and Bob Proctor. I got an awesome book as a gift from a phd student from Egypt called No Excuses written by Brian Tracey. I absolutely love the book. I also love listening to music by One Direction, Taylor swift, Beyonce , Rihanna. I am currently loving the song my The Weekend called I feel it coming

I also shered with you my current favourite stylish sunglasses, outfit, my hair styles and more.

I hope you are inspired. Please send me an email, tweet me to share with me your March Favourites!

My email address is [email protected]

I love you so much.


Ekene Patience 


1459065_655244821180957_2098947340_n 3