How To Start An Ebay Or Amazon Business!!!

Hello lovelies, I have been asked alot to write a blog post on how to start an ebay or amazon business. Most of you who know me, knows I love building websites,  writing, creating social media network accounts and so on. Below are some cool tips on how to start an ebay/amazon business. Do you know you can actually sell your broken phones on ebay? cool right.

Below are some of my tips:

  1. Register an ebay/ amazon account. Make sure you have an email account to confirm the account.
  2. Make pictures of items you wish to sell.
  3. Contact dropshippers for the particular products you wish to sell.
  4. Create social medial accounts you may promote these products with such as YouTube tutorials, Facebook, twitter, instagram sites
  5. Tell your friends and family members about the goods and services you have for sell. Example, if you sell cloths, wear and model the cloths. Be passionate about your goods and service.

I hope these tips were helpful

I love you.


Ekene Patience

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