How To Be A Great Parent!

Hello my beautiful friends and family, How are you? I hope you are doing great. This is a highly requested blog post. Being a great parent is the wish of most persons with children. We all want to be super mommies and daddies especially when you are married and wish to have children or already have children. I have interviewed several parents regarding how to be a super mummy and daddy, the following tips would be very helpful

  1. Be kind to your kids
  2. Give your kids attention and love
  3. Smile with your kids
  4. Never yell at your kids
  5. Provide clean clothing, decent shelter, and food for your kids
  6. Cook for your kids
  7. Never fight  with your partner, especially when your kids are around nor fight with your kids
  8. Go biking, swimming, dancing, clap your hands,  play in the garden, or got to the beach with your kids
  9. Provide your kids with decent toys to play with
  10. Read nice storybooks to your kids and teach them good manners.
  11. Tell your kids you love, appreciate them, and mean it when you say so.
  12. Take your kids to holidays
  13. Be a great role model for your kids, teach them on how to be themselves and live life with passion, love, and freedom
  14. Help their kids with homework

The inability to show love to your child may cause misunderstanding between parent and their kids. I have once communicated with a parent, he was not in talking terms with his kid for so many years before i met him due to misunderstanding. I carried out a very intensive consultation session then and finally, the parent and child came back in terms and became best friends.  The moral of this short story is that, Instead of creating a very malicious, angry, unconducive environment for your children, it is better to create a loving, caring, happy environment for a parent so that the parent would have a very happy suitable parenting experience with their children.

Peacefulness and Stability in a home, amongst mummy, daddy, and kids would help the parent and kids happier.  Children that lack love, comfort, care may have some challenges with development. They might experience tantrums, sadness and so on, A child shown love, happiness tends to be happier, performs better at school, and so on.


I hope these tips were very helpful. Please kindly share with me how you parent your kids, do you provide food, shelter, clothing, basic education, lots of love, attention, do you communicate with your kids often? do you sit down and talk with your kid on daily basis? if yes, where do you do sit down and talk to your kids?  I would love to learn from you.

Thank you so much for reading my blog



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