5 Tips On How To Loss Weight And Avoid Weight Gain, Diabetes etc

Hello lovelies, I hope you all are well.  Here are some cool tips on how to loss weight fast, reduce the chances of suffering from diabetes and obesity.

1. Stop ingesting/eating to many sweets such as snoops, sugar

2. Drink a lot of  water and healthy shake ( the Peter Lamas protein shake is absolutely fabulous) you may  also want  to take Multi- vitamins especially vitamin D from sho nutrition (nutrients to balance you diet)

3. Avoid eating food with high oil (unsaturated fat) content, rather use coconut oil, olive oil during your cooking.

4. Cook your meal from the scratch. Use fresh vegetables as well

5.Exercise on daily basis by jogging, sit up, long/short walk.

In a nutshell, low calorie diet and healthy lifestyle would help you feel and become healthier! Practising a healthier lifestyle would help you improve your performance at work, school or in other extr curricular activities.

p.s. Christmas is coming soon, a period whereby we eat a lot, be watchful of your food intake. Do enjoy my fabulous pictures during my family visit in Nigeria below.

I hope you are inspired.

Thank you so much for reading!

I love you


Ekene Patience


Nigerian foodP2031577P2031578

Top – Only

Jeans – Opus

Bag – Longchamp

Hat – Only


P2031581Nigerian foodNigeria

Fried Rice, Turkey and Plaintain

PB200647PB190616 PB190622 PB190628 PB190632 PB200659 PB200661


Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Peter Lamas Protein Shake (Benevita)

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